Top Madden Season 1 Predictions

The time is here post team selection to dig in and start making predictions. The schedules are set and owners can begin game-planning for their potential roster moves. I’m going to go ahead and predict regular-season records which will include who will make the playoffs. Is your team on the outside looking in or perhaps you nabbed the new wild card spot. Everything is up in the air as we begin our first season on what’s now considered next-gen. I used and went game by game on who I thought would win each matchup and not looking at standings until it was all said and done. Some of these seem unrealistic but you never know. Teams in BOLD are in the playoffs.

AFC East:

Dolphins (Jordan): 13-4

Bills (Khalil): 12-5

Pats (EG): 5-12

Jets (Diggs): 4-13

AFC West:

Chargers (Warren): 14-3

Chiefs (Donny): 13-4

Broncos (Steel): 11-6

Raiders (Nubes): 4-13

AFC North:

Ravens (Allen): 12-5

Browns (Shrimp): 9-8

Steelers (Troy): 8-9

Bengals (Tony): 1-16

AFC South:

Jags (Pest): 12-5

Colts (Joey): 12-5

Titans (Bogey): 5-12

Texans (Big Homie): 5-12

NFC East:

Cowboys (Danny): 16-1

Giants (Nekko): 8-9

WFT (Ty): 7-10

Eagles (Harpdaddy): 5-12

NFC West:

Rams (Ptown): 13-4

49ers (Derek): 10-7

Cards (Frank): 5-12

Seahawks (Pittjas): 1-16

NFC North:

Bears (Willie): 14-3

Lions (Fin): 11-6

Vikings (Volly): 10-7

Packers (King): 5-12

NFC South:

Falcons (Jsmoove): 8-9

Panthers (Grid): 8-9

Bucs (Arlen): 6-11

Saints (Gmoney): 5-12

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