AFC East

Patriots (Fin) Key Additions: Aaron Rodgers

After a heartbreak season and being brutally destroyed by the running game of the Mighty colts in the playoffs, the patriots are looking to bounce back. They acquired the 2 time top Super Bowl QB Aaron Rodgers in the offseason. Will this new addition finally give the Pats the spark they need to take it all the way?

Bills (Ricky) Key Additions : Greg Owens

Another heartbreak yet remarkable season from the bills as they secured the #1 seed and won the AFC East with Taysom hill at QB. The bills moved up in the draft to acquire their new star QB Greg Owens. Will this be enough to help the bills reach the next level? 

Jets (Derek) Key Additions: OBJ , Leveon Bell, Mike Massie

The jets started out on fire last season and then had a decline late in the year. He was able to acquire OBJ, now superstar Leveon bell and also a superstar xfactor safety Mike Massie. I believe Derek is starting to get all the pieces together that he needs. However, will the loss of ruggs and theilen have a huge impact on his offense?

Dolphins( Allen B.) Key Additions : Jamal McNeil, Devante Wilson

The Dolphins last season was a roller coaster ride. From starting 0-4 last season and having so many injuries, to turning the season all the way around and losing to the Vikings which eliminated me from the playoffs for the 1st time this cycle. I was able to bring in some more speed on both sides of the ball. Will the new speed additions be enough to help me get back in the playoffs or will this be another sad year for the phins?

Division winner prediction : Patriots 

AFC West

Chiefs (Willie) Key Additions: Kendrick Felder

The Chiefs should be a team to keep a lookout for this season. With the addition of Superstar Safety Kendrick Felder it should be interesting. Offense has never been a problem for the chiefs it’s always been defense. I believe his new addition will help the Chiefs to take that next step. Or will it???

Chargers (burpslurp) Key Additions: Kendall Everett 

The Chargers are a team that can beat anyone if they play their game. They beef up their defense adding superstar talent Kendall Everett. Will this finally be enough to help them find a playoff birth?

Broncos ( Woat) Key Additions: Zach Keyes 

Man oh man the Broncos where do we start? Woat was another one that started off hot last year if I’m not mistaken. One thing about them is the have arguably the best defensive line in the league. With the new addition of the running back Zach Keyes will that be enough to take this division from the chiefs?

Raiders (Ptown) Key Additions : Juju “tik tok” smith-Schuster , Jarvis Landry 

Good ole Ptown. Was gone most of the season last year so really don’t know what we will get from him this season. With the addition of Juju and Jarvis it could be scary. Willie better watch out. Will we get the playoff ptown this season of the 4 wins one? ?

Division Winner Prediction : Chiefs 

AFC North

Ravens (Arlen) Key additions : Landon Collins

Arlen is started to make himself known as a guaranteed spot in the playoffs. With the addition of Landon Collins and the high powered offense he has, I don’t expect that to change. Or will it?

Bengals (Davey) Key Additions: Chase Winovich 

Davey is a great player. He torched pretty Much everyone with the Star TE Aiken. In order for Davey to be successful I believe he has got to be more consistent across the board. Will this be the year that happens? 

Browns (Jose) Key Additions: Henry Ruggs

Browns should be a team to watch out for this year. I mean he’s got one of the most dynamic players in the league in Henry Ruggs with a lefty at QB. That duo should be hard for anyone to stop. Will this finally be the spark to turn the browns into a winning franchise?

Steelers(Rookie) Key Additions: Nicholas Casey 

Well his name speaks for itself Mr. Rookie. 1st of all welcome to TOP. I have no idea what your fate will be so I’m just gonna assume your 1st season will be hard being that most people struggle in their 1st season. Great pick up with the 1st TOP madden superstar offensive lineman. Will rookie come in playing like a rookie? Or will he start out with a bang?

Division winner prediction: Ravens 

AFC South

Colts (Warren) Key Additions: He said none but he’s the champ so why switch up? Lol

The Mighty Colts! Warren has pretty much dominated the AFC consistently. He’s is insanely hard to beat and with Taylor he’s dang near unbeatable. I don’t see the success running out anytime soon. Or will this be the year someone new takes over??

Texans (NotJoey) Key Additions: Ray Cohen , Casey Heyward 

Texans are on the rise! Defeating the Super bowl champ in the regular season and making a playoff appearance. Deshawn has him a new weapon in Xfactor Ray Cohen. Will this be the year the Texans come out on top? 

Titans (pittjas) Key Additions: Dom Bauer

Titans are also a team on the rise. I feel like warren elevates everyone is this division which is cool. Titans have a new rookie QB Dom Bauer this season. Will he thrive as a rookie or struggle like most? 

Jaguars (Matty) Key Additions: None

Jaguars are always a fun team to watch. He has the talent it’s just a matter of putting it all together. Maybe this is the year the Jags rise up?

Division winner prediction: Mighty Colts

Playoff predictions! 








Super bowl contender: Colts

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