Well the second draft of the cycle is all finished up and while there were no Tavon Ball’s this time around, there certainly are some super star players coming out. Let’s look at them as well as some other interesting picks.

Brock Cooper – QB – Detroit Lions 75 OVR

Cooper is taken at 1.1 to replace the former 1.1 pick in Matthew Stafford. Just the second Miami of Ohio quarterback to ever be drafted in the first round, Brock is a legit beast. A dual threat QB who will have Sleight of Hand and Anchored Extender has his first two abilities. Not the best hand dealt in terms of abilities, but Brock should dev quickly and has plenty of targets to help him on his path to XF.

Player Comp: Big Ben, two tall heavier guys with the ability to move the pocket and break sacks. Also, Miami of Ohio.

Maurice Stevens – FS- Jacksonville Jaguars 75 OVR

Maurice is one of two Superstars added to the Jaguars roster. Jacksonville adds Stevens to join Sykes in the leagues youngest but most dangerous safety group. With Deep In Zone KO, Stevens is bound to cause problems for any offense that feels a need to push the ball downfield too quickly.

Player Comp: Devin McCourty

Keilen Evans – LB – Jacksonville Jaguars 66 OVR

Evans is the second addition a SS dev linebacker taken in the 3rd round. Evans is known for his elite sideline to sideline ability and is capable against the pass. He will get his ability revealed soon but Evans is a great pickup for the Jaguars.

Player Comp: Jaylon Smith

Steven Baldwin – EDGE – Dallas Cowboys 73 OVR

The 24th pick in the draft Steven Baldwin is a tall lengthy SEC defender who simply gets at the quarterback. His first slot ability is extra credit so he will always have an additional max pass rush move point. He’s really athletic at 266lbs and for a team that has to pay their edge rusher, hes a perfect compliment to DLaw.

Khari Florence – LB – Philadelphia Eagles 74 OVR

The Eagles jumped up from 1.13 to 1.5 to draft Cal’s offball ace. With ELITE linebacker speed, Florence is simply…a fucking animal. He has unfakeable so jukes cant beat him, and he is 91 speed so swerve cant beat him. He is the perfect linebacker to take on the XF running backs of the NFC East.

Player Comp: Tremaine Edmunds but faster.

Manny Warmack – WR – Cleveland Browns 76 OVR

The Browns stay local and take Manny Warmack from THE Ohio State. Manny is a tall target with great athleticism who works well in condensed space. His massive frame makes him perfect for third and short scenarios and he sports 96 agility as well. Warmack has the makings to be a top 5 WR in the league and next to Odell, the Browns offense is lethal. He starts with deep IN elite.

Player Comp: Michael Thomas

Leon Joseph – SS – Carolina Panthers 72 OVR

The Panthers main issue has been defensive talent. Atleast, that’s what Dan says. Carolina adds a superstar SEC safety to the secondary in the second round and boy does he look impressive. A tall box safety with No outsiders will help this team in both run defense and allow Jeremy Chinn to make impacts elsewhere on the defense.

Player Comp: John Johnson III but …. taller

Brian Snead – FS – Indianapolis Colts 68 OVR

UL-Lafayette’s captain is taken with the last pick of the second round and is an absolute steal. The tall safety gets around the field quickly and has true star potential, and lands with a user and team that is capable of finding success with him.

Top Overall Picks

Just 2 players reached 78 overall in this draft, both defensive lineman just 21 years of age.

Aaron Huggins – DT – Los Angeles Chargers

The Notre Dame run stuffer taken at 1.10 is as strong as they come (95 strength) and can really do it all. He stuffs the run, can get to the quarterback with power and technique, and hes pretty quick for being 300 pounds. The normal dev hurts the soul, but Huggins is day one the best player in the draft.

Brandon Cadet – Edge – San Francisco 49ers

The second cadet brother brings the same younger brother energy that Nick Bosa does, and possibly the same level of skill. With an insane 88 power move rating day one, Cadet is a fucking beast of the edge and can hold his own against the run too.

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