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3-3-5 nickel formations in Top History have required you to set up the personnel in a certain way. This was to avoid long winded rules that just confused everyone. But today we made a change, and this article will explain.

Old Rule: in 3-3-5 the first group of 3, the DL, had to be an EDGE – INTERIOR – EDGE defender

so for example, lets take the current Broncos roster that WOAT is rocking.

In 3-3-5 he would have to by rule have Von Miller – Kareem Childs – Bradley Chubb as his DL.

Then in the second group of 3 he would have his off ball linebackers, for him its Eric Wilson, Cassh Maluia, and Shaun Dion Hamilton.

As a reminder this is what 3-3-5 looks like:


Now, there are a few variations of 3-3-5 that put some of the offball linebackers (the second group of 3) down on the LOS. 3-3-5 wide puts both outside linebackers on the LOS and 3-3-5 odd puts one of them on the LOS,

This is where it gets tricky.

If the 3-3-5 formations puts an offball linebacker down on the LOS. You can decide to replace that player with an edge defender.

The caveat is if you turn the offball linebacker to an edge defender, the guy inside of him must be an INTERIOR DL player.

Again, lets use the Broncos for example.

In 3-3-5 Wide, the Broncos by the old rule would have a 5 man front that looks like this

Maluia (LB) – Miller (E) – Childs (INT) – Chubb (E) – Wilson (LB)

With the new rule he can replace one of, or both Maluia/Wilson with miller or chubb, or any other edge defender.

Lets saw he choose to replace Wilson with Chubb.

Now his 5 looks like

Maluia (LB) – Miller (E) – Childs (INT) – BLANK SPACE – Chubb (E)

He has to not put a player in the space that Chubb was at before. because Chubb is an EDGE defender, Woat must put in an INTERIOR Linemen, in this case Grady Jarrett.

Maluia (LB) – Miller (E) – Childs (INT) – Jarrett (INT) – Chubb (E)

Should woat want to move Von Miller outside as well, he must replace that empty space with an interior defender as well. We are not allowing two edge defenders to be next to each other.

This same principle applies to 3-3-5 odd, 3-3-5 sam, 3-3-5 will

is any of that second group of linebackers is on the LOS, you can keep them offball, or you can play an edge there, your choice.

just remember, edge cannot be next to another edge.

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