As the playoffs approach, the contenders are not quite as complex as last season, but there is a few bubble teams that can earn playoff berth and theres some seeds that are up for grabs.

AFC 1 Seed

The Patriots-Colts Classic rivalry seems to be revived as the two teams are in a dead lock for the AFC 1 seed. The Colts do have a current conference record advantage, but the teams play week 17. Should the Patriots survive against Miami, the week 17 game will be the decider for the AFC Bye week.

AFC West Championship

While Ptown was humbled a bit by Willie last week, the two both sit at 7-7 and Ptown has the easier road. He will face the Chargers and Broncos for a chance to finish 9-7, while the Chiefs will take on the Ravens and the WFT, two double digit win teams. KC is in danger of not only losing their pennant, but also not making the playoffs altogether.

Bubble Teams

The Titans sit on the outside looking in at 7-7. But do have a chance to inflict damage and maybe earn a spot when they face Buffalo this week. Buffalo sits at 10-4 and is safe, but it is Miami who should be concerned.

Miami is 8-6 and play the Patriots tonight. Should they lose and Tennessee win, they would lose the Head to head tie breaker with the Titans.

On the NFC side, the only bubble team is Minnesota. While the Seahawks currently hold the 7th seed at 8-6, they fave the Rams and the bubble team Vikings themselves. The Vikings do own the conference record tie breaker at the moment, so if Minnesota can beat both the Giants this week and the Seahawks next week, they can be the only team with a rookie QB to make the playoffs this season.

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