I don’t fuckin know how to title this article. Here are three teams who are hot, and three teams who are not!


Pittsburgh Steelers

Aside from the obvious three 11-1 teams, the Steelers are riding a 4 game win streak into their week 14 matchup against the Bills. This playoff team battle will give us a good idea of where the Steelers reign among the leagues best. Anthony McFarland and Chase Claypool are absolutely humbling opposing defenses and when these two gain dev, its going to be even more of a problem.

Arizona Cardinals

Isaiah Simmons breakout season is here. The lurker ability debut proved as OP as we thought as he racks up 3 interceptions against LA. The leagues highest scoring offense and defense continue to dominate as they have all but secured the NFC W.

New Orleans Saints

Could it be the schedule? Could it be the Michael Thomas dependence? Who knows how the Saints are 11-1 but they are. If theres anything negative to say about Jordans game, its that he isn’t running the ball well, but does it matter when you outscore your opponents 35 to 22 on average? In his last 6 games, the highest win total his opponent has had is 5. So While the Saints are hot, they are on the radar as they face the eagles, Chiefs, and Panthers to end the season.


New England Patriots

The Patriots are struggling with identity. When the defense plays well the offense turns the football over, and when the offense really needs to score there isn’t a one guy to step up and make the play. The leagues number one rushing offense is unable to get teh yards when it matters and its really hurt them as they are 2-3 in their last 5 games. Life isn’t easier as they play their division rivals to end the season and determine their fate.

Kansas City Chiefs

A loss to Miami puts the Chiefs in dangerous territory. They sit at 9-4 with some tough losses to almost every over .500 team on their schedule. Their battle with the Saints can get them back in the upswing.

Green Bay Packers

While they still have their division locked up, it may be time for Pest to get some reps in for Aaron before the playoffs start. The Packers have had some frustrating game recently and have lost 3 of their last 4. A massive 40 to 2 victory over the Lions may be the momentum they need to take on a tough final part of the season. Carolina, Tennessee, and the Bears rematch are all going to be key games for Pest to enter the playoffs in a positive mindset.

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