1. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts survive their first Derrick Henry encounter and improve to 9-0. Firing on all cylinders at this point as Johnathan Taylor is really lighting up the end zone with 19 touchdowns so far.

2. Arizona Cardinals

Its time to give Arizona the respect they deserve. Number one scoring offense, number 1 defense, and lets be honest… go sort the league by defensive TDs and I’m sure the Cardinals LBs have more scores than most receiving corps.

3. New Orleans Saints

Through great defense and a solid offense behind them, the Saints improve to 7-1 on the year with a close 13-7 game against Tampa. Saints top the NFC South.

4. Buffalo Bills

A game winning drive put the Bills over New England and now the division. the AFC East is a tight race and they take on Arizona before the bye.

5. Green Bay Packers

After a rocky start, the packers have ripped off 7 straight wins. Lights out against the run, the Packers have been dominant and Jordan Love is improving every week.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers

One of the more balanced teams in the league, the Steelers have been very successful with rookie RB Anthony McFarland who is over 1100 yards on the season and has 15 scores on the year.

7. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have lost tough games but an impressive showing against KC shows they are still NFC playoffs material.

8. Kansas City Chiefs

A couple losses but the Chiefs still pack the punch. A team that is well in front of their division can afford to be humbled here and there as long as they improve the next week.

9. New England Patriots

Speaking of humbled, the Patriots looked like a bottom 10 team against the Ravens, and they don’t even have the rain to blame. Lack of execution on the defensive side of the ball and an uninspired offense really hurt the Patriots at they get waxed 48-17 by Lamar.

10. Seattle Seahawks

Surviving the suspension szn was no tall task and the Seahawks continue to win games. Taking down the Niners, Bills, and Ramsi n their last three… They have a rematch with Arizona who bested them 44-6 last time. This may have the makings of a GOTW.

11. Dallas Cowboys

Khalil has to prove something here soon. The run defense has got to step up, and Dallas needs to step up and be dominant otherwise they will be a top 10 team in the league but sitting out the playoffs.

12. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have been quite resilient but the jury is out on whether they are a competitor. They currently sit atop the NFC East, but have lost to both the Giants and WFT.

13. Tennessee Titans

Why the Titans dropped so much despite an impressive showing against the Colts? Strength of schedule would be the answer. But with a fairly easy end of the season the Titans may have one of the easier playoff paths.

14. New York Giants

Rattling off the wins since G$ departure, the Giants are a real contender for the NFC. A big test for them comes ahead as they have Philly, Arizona, Cleveland, Dallas, and Seattle ahead.

15. Washington Football Team

A DPI and some tough games keep the WFT out of the top 10. But considering what they have roster wise they really should be able to fly back up the rankings with ease especially if they beat Pitt and win their Dallas Rematch.

16. Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders have a top 15 offense and a bottom 5 defense. If they want to move up, they have to figure things out on defense.

17. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are a confusing bunch. Clawing back from an 0-3 start, they keep winning they will keep rising.

18. Houston Texans

Similar to Ptown and Flexter (RIP) this team is built on offensive volume and defensive meltdowns. The Texans have insane passing stats but its always because they are fighting from behind.

19. Los Angeles Chargers

Impressive play vs the Saints was followed up with an upset win against Allen B and the 100m dashers. The Chargers pass rush is starting to shine and they may be able to win a few more upsets.

20. Miami Dolphins

So Miami is struggling despite having an offense that can score at any play. Allen said he needed a season to get his scheme in place, so I’ll save the criticism for then.

21. Cleveland Browns

This 15-20 range of teams are just guys who are struggling to play defense. A top 10 offense in Cleveland is struggling to play the pass. Maybe ballhawk needs to be turned back on for some folks sake, not even Myles Garrett leading in sacks can help this secondary.

22. Cincinnati Bengals

the RB heavy offense with a QB doubling for a kicker/punter is really something that should’ve been left to the 50s if I’m being honest. But the Bengals have been impressive on defense with the leagues top passing defense.

23. San Francisco 49ers

Bosa being out has really hurt this team and life doesn’t get any easier as their schedule is fuckin brutal and no sauce is gonna make these losses easier to eat.

24. Atlanta Falcons

Julio has settled down these last few weeks and the Falcons are just kinda riding along. This may be it for the Ryan era in Atlanta as I smell a rebuild coming.

25. Baltimore Ravens

Finally we see why the Ravens were so coveted. Lamar and Hollywood made the Patriots secondary their bitch in a dominant win. Is this a one time thing? or is this what Arlen is really capable of.

26. New York Jets

Derek has show bright spots but theres really no incentive to win games when the roster is as bad as it is.

27. Chicago Bears

The Bears have an opportunity to win some games and play spoiler but they just aren’t competitive despite a talented defensive roster.

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If Mamba wins this week TB is gonna jump into the top 15. They have been very impressive recently as if a fire has been lit under this team.

29. Denver Broncos

The entire season is worth it just off the Lock play alone. The Broncos are struggling and its just dev season for this group of youngsters. Do they move Von?

30. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings send off Harris in the Waiver trade system and it looks like they are looking forward to the post Kirk era.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars

Matty will really be fun to watch when he gets some talented rookies worth dev’ing on this team. I feel for the dude who has to deal with Minshew and whatever the fuck is going on with that offense. Despite the roster, he has looked really good at points and it probably worth being higher than 31.

32. Detroit Lions

We eagerly await the return of Swift who was the only bright light in a SOL season.

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