Its simple. Its early. Don’t hate me.

1. Indianapolis Colts

Despite the early QB struggles the Colts have dominated in all phases of the game. Once the young offensive pieces are developed, this team will be lights out.

2. Washington Football Team

Kyle is putting the league on notice, he can score whenever he wants to. A week 1 shootout vs Philly is followed up by a dominant win against AZ. The WFT are early NFC favorites.

3. Kansas City Chiefs

The defensive prowess of Willie matched with the Chiefs firepower on offense is match made in heavy for the Chicago native. Willie dominated his week 1 matchup forcing 7 interceptions.

4. New England Patriots

The secondary has been as advertised with big plays to put NE at 2-0. Still some work to go on the offensive side but as young Tarik Cohen continues to run the ball successfully, this team will be well on its way to a playoff appearance.

5. Buffalo Bills

Also 2-0 in the AFC East is Ricky and the Bills. A big test awaits this roster in week 3 when they take on Aaron Donald and new user K1NG. But if he wins there, expect him to jump higher in the top 5.

6. Cleveland Browns

The Browns survived a shootout vs Lamar in week 1 and respond with a comfortable win against Cincy. Chubb’s early dominance attributes to the success but really Jose is playing smart and putting up major points.

7. Dallas Cowboys

A little fluke of a win week 1 is followed up with a dominant showing against Atlanta. Khalil told us when he got a good team that he would be lethal, and he has scored 88 points in two games.

8. Carolina Panthers

No surprise to see the former champ here at 2-0. A talented user with a talented madden roster, he survives a shootout with Ptown to get him in at 8 on our rankings.

9. New Orleans Saints

Similar to Dan, Jordan’s only game has been a shootout with Ptown. He to survives as these two head the NFC S thanks to Dan Cheesena

10. Pittsburgh Steelers

Troy has been on the grind and the 2-0 start shows it. While he hasn’t had the biggest test of his season just yet he has played well in the games he’s had so look for the Steelers to be a dark horse AFC N Champion.

11. Tennessee Titans

Derrick MF Henry is a beast and pittjas is using him perfectly. Pittjas starting 2-0 is huge and if he can continue to play well he may be able to steal a game from the Colts.

12. Arizona Cardinals

Danny has had two games on either side of the spectrum but I wouldn’t expect this to be the norm for him. A tough game defensively forces him to get away from his offensive game plan, but this Cardinals team is still lethal.

13. Philadelphia Eagles

Donnys dominant performance against the Rams sends him flying up the boards. If he figures this defense thing out, the NFC is in some TROUBLE.

14. Seattle Seahawks

In position to win a game, and the punt returned fumbles it away. Heartbreaking for Steel but he can bounce back. A patient offensive player who lets his defense make plays for him, he is 1-1 on the season.

15. San Francisco 49ers

Ty is still getting his ducks in a row with this team, but the week 1 game was rough by his standards. A dominant run game will be the key to winning a pretty stacked NFC West division, but he has the best roster to do it.

16. Minnesota Vikings

Boom is stilling feeling out the defensive side of things, but his offensive is clicking. Just a tough 2 opponents to start the seasons so 1-1 is no bad thing.

17. Green Bay Packers

The Packers are 1-1 but deserved a win week 1 and a loss week 2. Love is off to a shakey start and it needs to improve if the defense struggles to make stops.

18. Houston Texans

The Texans have been inconsistent to say the least. The rebound game is strong as they force 7 interceptions from Lamar a week after throwing 7 of their own. This team will have to be watched to see if they can be the real deal.

19. LA Chargers

A weird week 1 win isn’t enough to shoot them up the rankings, tho Herbert is one of the only quarterbacks to not throw a pick in week 1. Can’t be too upset with that can you. Big game vs Chiefs coming soon.

20. Chicago Bears

The Bears follow a controversial trade up with a big fat W in week 1. Continuing that play will be key as they take on Saquon next.

21. Miami Dolphins

Broken controller or broken offense? The Dolphins slide to 0-2 on the season and even worse, both were division matchups. Major turnaround or trip to gamestop is needed.

22. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams lose week 1 in devastating fashion and then blown out by Donny. K1ng has his welcome to the league moment, now its time to regroup and bounce back.

23. Baltimore Ravens

Lamar throws 7 interceptions in week 2 to really hurt the confidence of this team. Arlen needs to rededicate himself to the ground game and find ways to not force passes.

24. Oakland Raiders

Ptown at 24 is a little disrespectful as he has taken both Dan and Jordan to the limit. He’s got the offense to compete there is no doubt about that.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars

with one of the worst rosters, Matty has been fairly impressive. This is a tough game to compete without stars and hes finding ways to limit damage.

26. Cincinnati Bengals

Another roster that needs some developing, once Burrow gets his abilities things may turn around for davey.

27. Atlanta Falcons

Well he found his kid, but he hasn’t found his offense. Grid is still tryna to put a full game together while the Panthers and saints are running away with the division.

28. Denver Broncos

Growing pains with the young offense, woat is making some changes on the offensive side and I think it will help him out a bit.

29. Detroit Lions

If you saw the most recent episode of Coach’s Corner you know exactly why tony is here. Has to clean up the playcalling and execution.

30. New York Giants

Feed Saquon. feed Saquon.

31. New York Jets

Will update this when Jswish plays games 🙂

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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