Before i start this, lets be clear. This is an article written by a user, this is NOT official guidance from the CMs on a rule change regarding this feature. Any scenarios in this article are strictly hypothetical and if used in Top they must adhere to the rules as they stand unless the CMs announce a rule change.

The Feature

EA announced that at the LOS this year you can audible to any formation that matches the personnel you currently have on the field. This means, if you are in 11 personnel (1 RB 1 TE 3 WR) you can audible to any formation in your playbook that also has 11 personnel.

This is cool and all, but there is an extra layer to this.

If you formation sub a RB in for a slot WR in a 11 personnel shotgun formation, the game recognizes that you have added a RB to the formation and no longer sees this as 11 personnel but rather 21 personnel as you have a RB in the backfield and a RB in the slot. Now you can audible to any formation in your playbook that has 2 HB and 1 TE. For example, pistol – strong close – i formation.

*NOTE* In Top we do not allow a HB to play FB in I formation/Strong close so remember you will be held accountable and this feature cannot be a work around for existing positional rules.

Another example, in Top we allow HB to play WR and TE to play WR too.

So if you had an empty formation that has 1 HB 1 TE 3 WR, and you sub a WR out for a HB, and another WR out for a TE, you now have 2 HB 2 TE and 1 WR on the field in an empty formation. You may now audible to any formation that matches that personnel which is known as 22 personnel.

What advantage does this provide?

This provides a couple advantages based on the team that you have. If you have a receiving back ala Gio Bernard, CMC, Alvin Kamara and another usable RB, you can now get creative with your formations and find ways to use your depth.

This also can trick your opponent into picking the wrong plays. If they only look at the formation for their play call but don’t recognize you have heavier run personnel in the game (maybe a FB and a TE instead of 2 WR) they may come out in dollar, dime, or nickel and then you can audible to an I Formation run and gain that key yardage on third down.

Remember as we roll out this years version of the rule book that you MUST comply with the rules at all times.

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