The AFC South features 4 new users to its teams this cycle. While there is some young and improving talent, the AFC South features the true Top Madden power house. Historically the South has been successful with championships in M18, M19, and a few deep playoff runs in M20. This year, it will be 3 guys chasing one.

Schedule – AFC North / NFC North

Joey (Hellcat) – Texans

Hellcat starts his second cycle of Top with one of the more desirable Madden offenses. Two 96+ speed receivers, escape artist Watson, DAVID JOHNSON, and a young OL. Hellcat had a 13-3 season in Oakland for M19 but largely was unsuccessful after that season. Theres a number of reasons why he may have struggled, but the Texans are a great team for him to start M21 his way and prove he can compete for playoffs. Shrimp will bug me if I don’t mention it but Hellcats best game came in the form of a 30 point second half comeback against my Arizona Cardinals, but also he had 2 games where he allowed 60+ yards runs in the final seconds of the game to lose (Pats and Dallas). So if Hellcat can straighten up he will compete.

Pittjas – Titans

A chat lurker, and baseball nerd Pittjas returns for his second cycle with Top. He took over Max’s barebones Bengals roster last year so we can’t judge his performance too hard. The Titans will be a fun team to develop that will always have the cop out of the power run game when the going gets tough. Pittjas has a lot to prove this cycle, but can be a pest to his division mates if he plays his cards right.

Matty – Jaguars

Matty makes his full return after a few maddens off. A longtime member of Top looks to find his old winning ways in Jacksonville. Wild that teams like Seattle and LA were taken AFTER his pick, but there must be something about this team that excites him. Is it loyalty to Florida? Who knows but he has to manage this rebuild, develop a quarterback, and find a way to win against some tough offensive lines in the division. That being said, he rocked a 10 win season last year in Chicago so we know he can ball, so don’t count him out.

Warren – Colts

Like I said, best for last. 4X madden 20 champ, 5X Top madden champion Warren has been on a terror and not much will change. We know he can win with a dominant KC, a limited New York, and even a team led by Teddy Bridgewater… so giving him a roster like Indy shouldn’t be a problem for Warren to compete from day 1 to the end of cycle. The real question is, which quarterback is he going to win it all with? Rivers is the early favorite for the job, will Warren waste time with Eason at all? Expect a Colts vs Chiefs AFC Champ game year one and I would put big money on a showdown between Kyler and Philip in February for the Season 1 belt.

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