If it wasn’t a Willie led Bears team, the NFC North hasn’t seen a Super bowl history in Top History. This year, two teams are paired with a user that could change that stat and some friendly faces to the division. Expect this division to be a fun time between two buddies fighting for a the top spot.

Schedule: NFC S/ AFC S

Pest – Packers

The story here is “unfinished business”. Pest was stoked to have this team in the first part of Madden 20 but a broken ability and a cursed Kareem Hunt stopped Pest from finding success. This cycle he is back in Green Bay determined to limit the interceptions and maximize the talent on this young defense. He will be expected to get back to his old form where he won a championship in every madden prior to Madden 20.

Boom – Vikings

Not a Top champion but not a stranger to the big game, Boom lost his lone super bowl appearance in m18. After taking a cycle off to mentally refocus Boom is back in purple to compete again. Boom has been, well…boom or bust with a focus really on making games interesting. He would rather lose a shootout than win a boring madden game, that playstyle can hurt him but having a defense like he does in Minnesota may allow him to go balls to the wall on offense with a defense that can make up mistakes.

Tony – Lions

New Year, Same old Lions. Tony is committed to taking this team every year and in the most sim way he can, he keeps the Lions noncompetitive. Tony is a fun user to play as he takes big risks and can absolutely spoil your day if you struggle with his defensive user abilities.

Harambe – Bears

One of the returning members of the NFC North, Harambe moves from Minnesota to Chicago. A defense with elite madden talent throughout the rosters, Harambe is in a position to prove he can compete with a roster he will control from start to finish of the cycle.

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