Long ran and ruined by Davey, the AFC East has a breath of fresh air this year as it is not only featuring new users, but also, a competitive and balanced unit. This is a promising cycle for a division that normally includes a revolving door of a jets/dolphins team, Davey, and some users unable to take advantage of the Bills talented defensive roster.

Schedule – AFC West and NFC West

Bills – Ricky

Ricky enters his second Top cycle as the lone surviving AFC E member from Madden 20 as he returns as the Buffalo Bills. Ricky showed great ability leading the M20 Jets to a super bowl appearance as well as winning the division multiple times. He also earned a spot as a TC member, which may be the fastest I’ve seen someone do so. The big challenge? Is continuing to prove he can win this division. Last year’s AFC E was fairly lackluster so can he continue to put together 11-12 win seasons against a more competitive group. I think with the Bills defense, Rickys prowess, and the ever unstoppable John Brown, Ricky will be a shoo in for the playoffs.

Jets – J Swish

Young Jesse will enter his first Top cycle this year as the Jets. When you pick dead last in team selection you are expecting to get a roster like the Jets but the consolation is he will have two straight years of double dipping into round 1 of the draft. Expect Jesse to adjust but ultimate load this roster with star talent early and compete for a wildcard spot by season 2. The AFC is stacked my man, you with the big dogs now but welcome to Top and we hope you enjoy your time.

Patriots – Fin

Fin finally leaves the NFC West after 4  years and will find a new home in Foxborough. Fin is usually a super bowl contender who can’t seem to close the deal with an 0-4 record in the big show. Expect Fin to be the early favorite for this division based mainly on how talented this roster is. A top 5 OL, a top 3 secondary Fin will be hard pressed to find an excuse for underperforming with this group of guys.

Dolphins – Allen

Another user in his sophomore season, Allen by the grace of God lands his Dolphins roster. Similar to his friend JSwish, he will rely on his team building skills and a solid draft class to compete. That doesn’t go without saying that Allen is a talented user. He flashed his prowess with Tarik Cohen last cycle as well as a…unique high risk high reward defensive approach. With the right athletes his scheme makes him a playoff contender, with the wrong athletes his scheme makes him a 5 win team.

By Fin

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