In past cycles the NFC West has featured Fin + other users. For the first time in a madden cycle since M16, the NFC West will not feature Fin, but it will feature a talented group of guys capable of 12-14 wins a season. While it’s expected to be dominated by two Top Madden vets, there is some new blood in the division that may have the right mixture of talent and rosters that may give them the edge this cycle.

Schedule – NFC East and AFC East

Cardinals – Danny

If you’re a Top vet, you know all about young Danny. If you’re new….you’re about to find out. The 2X Top Champ, and add 8 more if you include pre Top Merger, Danny has been a dominant force since his pre-teens. This year, he gives himself a challenge of a rebuild in what may be the toughest division roster wise. Danny’s game is not built on complexity but on patience. He has no meta to lean on, and can adjust on both sides of the ball with ease. Cool calm and collected expect to see Kyler Murray in the running for MVP and expect to have to a trip to Arizona if you think you will be representing the NFC in the Super Bowl.

Niners – Ty

Ty makes his return to Top with the best roster he’s had to date. He too has had his fair share of championships in Top but since he has left Philly over the last few years, he’s been absent from the big show. With the Niners, I expect him to continue his air raid offense approach as he has all the tools he needs to dominate NFC W defenses. But if theres one thing you will expect to see, it’s the sneak FB screen. Don’t fall for it.

Rams – K1NG

Being the new guy in a league is tough. Every week you’re going in blind to your opponent’s skill level. In Top, I wager it’s worse because we aren’t your average CFM as we have the talent that not every league has. K1NG has been exposed to some of the talent in the league in other CFMs and will come in with a chip on his shoulder to prove himself. I’m interested to see how he employs his defensive superstars and finds ways to win on offense with a roster that has seen some turnaround. Best of luck K1NG.

Seahawks – Steel

Entering his second year in Top, Steel was slightly upset about the team selection lotto but I doubt that’s an issue now as not only did the Seahawks fall to him, but Jamal Adams was added to the roster. Its put up or shutup for Steel who gets the benefit of the doubt with that awful Steelers roster from M20. But he is gonna have to ball out because roster talent is not an excuse when you have Russell, DK, BW, and Jamal. If you’re looking at this division from the outside, the story line is can Steel and K1NG win against established Vets? Or will Danny reign supreme in the West.

By Fin

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