1.11 Avery Hubbard, CB – San Francisco

Hubbard is one of the clear top DBs in this class. Above athleticism and a the hips and talents of a man corner. The Demon Deacon travels west to join a talented defense where he can make immediate impact.

Pro Comp: Adore’e Jackson

Grade: A-

1.12 Cecil Styles, OLB – Atlanta

The Falcons go defense once again snagging the top graded pass rusher. Styles is a solid speed rusher who uses great speed to power rush moves to throw off who ever is tasked with defending him. Will likely move to 4-3 end as his coverage makes him a liability in 3-4. But a great pick for Atlanta.

Pro Comp: Bradley Chubb

Grade: A

1.13 Keanon Wade, RT – Kansas City

The Chiefs snag another dev trait lineman in what may just solidify this run game as a top 5 threat next season. Wade is as strong as they come and could easily be this teams starting LT had they not drafted on at 1.3

Pro Comp: Lane Johnson

Grade: A

1.14 Nathan Carrington, OLB – Denver

Its time where the Broncos plan to for the end of the Miller era. Carrington is a great developmental talent that will flourish as a rotational guy until Von steps away from the game.

Pro Comp: Carl Nassib

Grade: B+

1.15 Derek Wall, LG – New England

1.16 Ken Main, OLB – Los Angeles (R)

Main was a late bloomer but many considered him the best pure edge player in this class, even above styles. Capable in run defense, a great balance of finesse and power moves, great strength, Main checks all the boxes and should absolutely flourish next to the great AD.

Pro Comp: Jimmy Blades

Grade: A+

1.17 Ellis Beverly, CB – Jacksonville

6ft2 and Jalen Ramsey measurables the 22 year old NDSU prospect is an absolute stud press man corner. He really does have it all with the only downside being he played next to no zone in college and has never been challenged by better talent. Beverly will be the third new addition to the Jacksonville secondary in the last two drafts and he is a day 1 impact.

Pro Comp: Jalen Ramsey (sorry not a lot of tall 95 speed corners)

Grade: A

1.18 Michael Godwin, WR – Los Angeles

Godwin will be asked to replace the role that Robert Woods played in this offense. A California native who possesses the measureable but struggles with drops and press coverage, not many expected him to be a day 1 selection.

Pro Comp: Zay Jones

Grade: D

1.19 Bryan Sheffield, C – Dallas

The Dallas OL had some major improvements over the year but now they are back to their core three guys. Adding Sheffield to play LG is an easy plug and play and shouldn’t stop Zeke from repeating his production from last year.

Pro Comp: okay pick a decent OL idgaf about OL pro comps

Grade: A

1.20 Kevonte Burgess, DT – Seattle

The thing that comes to mind with Kevonte is he is an absolute menace. A bad ass. A give no fucks I’m going to beat you to the QB and stuff your run attitude that can only come from growing up in Pittsburgh as a white boy named Kevonte. A solid addition to a Seattle roster.

Pro Comp: Matthew Ioniddis

Grade: B+

1.21 Tanner Toon, LT – Tennessee

The Titans feel an increasing need to improve on the ground behind Joe Mixon. Toon is a very powerful run blocker who fits exactly what they want to do. An excellent addition to this roster.

Pro Comp: Michael Orr Stunt double from the Blindside

Grade: B+

1.22 Kevonte Royals, RE – Baltimore

1.23 Tyler Henry, RE – Seattle

Seattle goes after their DL holes again and grabs an edge to play across Clowney. More of a situational pass rusher, Henry will need to improve on his run defense if he wants to see more snaps .

Pro Comp: Leonard Floyd

Grade: B

1.24 Wesley Decarvalo, S – New Orleans

A jack of all trades corner who fits well in a defense that may need him to do just that. Capable in man and zone with a solid tackling in the open field.

Pro Comp: Daniel Sorenson

Grade: B-

1.25 Angel Anderson, TE – Dallas

Anderson is not the flashy tight end you see drafted in todays NFL but he is the reliable run blocker that Dallas is looking to mold their game around. Would like to see him be a little more athletic but he can make some noise in the red zone.

Pro Comp: Orson Charles

Grade: C+

1.26 Adrian Neill LT – Los Angeles (C)

The Chargers snag a tackle in a deep OL class to solidify their front 5. Gordon had an up year and it was largely in part to their OL play, so they only improve there with this pick.

Grade: B+

1.27 Carlos Reddick, HB – Arizona

The Wisconsin back is a great blend of between the tackle bruiser and receiving back that is a threat to score on any down. Considered a top 5 talent in this draft, Reddick will have plenty of opportunity to play with only an aging David Johnson on the roster.

Pro Comp: Christian McCaffrey

Grade: A+

1.28 George Kim, RG – New York (J)

A gifted pass blocker with a few concerns in running schemes. Should be a day 1 addition but may need some attention through camp to get up to speed.

Grade: B-

1.29 Damion Jones, DT – Houston

1.30 Melvin June, DE – Tampa Bay

Pressure on Daniel Jones kept Tampa from a SB appearance this season. They grab a talented edge rusher who keeps this pass rush fresh. Great pick.

Grade: B

1.31 Demarcus McDougald – Cleveland

While he isn’t the corner the Cleveland faithful are used to interms of talents, McDougald is an athletic corner with great jump ball ability. A solid CB3 for a great defense.

Pro Comp: Casey Hayward

Grade: A-


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