We don’t give enough love to the GM side of Top Madden so lets do that now. Let’s break down the best Positional groups of Top.

Quarterbacks – Oakland Raiders

HM: Arizona Cardinals

With two 81 overall QBs the Raiders have the best group of QBs in the league. While Carr’s time may be done and Mitchell Clinton is the future, they both are easily startable backs in the league and leaves us with the question, why are you stashing Carr (4.8m hit)?

Running Backs – New York Giants

HM: Indianapolis Colts

Not the NFC East team you expected? Saquon, Henry, and Grant represent everything that is OP about the Madden running game. Henry is a power back with insane trucking and strength while Grant has legit 4.2 speed and can swerve around any defender. Saquon is those two, combined, plus a receiving threat. No wonder Warren is 10-0.

Receiving Corps (WR+TE) – Los Angeles Chargers

HM: Tampa Bay Buccaneers/Seattle Seahawks

With a stunning trade for Brandin Cooks, the Chargers honestly have a case for the best offensive roster in the league. For now, they win this category. XF Keenan Allen, 97 speed Brandin Cooks, CantGuardMike Williams, and to top it off, 88 overall Hunter Henry. Arlen has quite the squad of pass catchers who can beat you with speed, route running, and some good ol fashioned 50/50 contested catches.

Offensive Line – Dallas Cowboys

Oh come the fuck on.

Defensive Line – Jacksonville Jaguars

HM: Minnesota Vikings/Washington Redskins/Green Bay Packers

One of the few defensive lines with two SS or higher players, the Jaguars have dominant edge rush abilities with some talented interior linemen to round out the group. While there are some other worthy rosters of this spot, Jacksonville has all the tools to stop the game in the trenches.

Linebackers – Minnesota Vikings

HM: Tampa Bay Buccaneers/

Cashman, Barr, and Kendricks are truly a force of nature. The ability for Minnesota to rotate around the various 4-3 formations and do the damage they do is so key to their positive turnaround this season.

Defensive Backs – Green Bay Packers

HM: Cleveland Browns/Seattle Seahawks/New England Patriots

What? Not Dan? No. 98 Overall XF Alexander, 88 Overall XF King, 87 Overall Pat Pete (my b), 88 Overall Darnell Savage and 90 overall Adrian Amos. Not to mention the other 7 93+ speed corners that he blitzes you with. The Packers rank 1st in total yard defense and 2nd in passing defense and points allowed. The Browns have a solid case for best cornerback group but the safeties turn the needle to Lambeau here.

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