With just 6 weeks remaining in the regular season, let’s take a look at the top performers and playoff hopefuls.

1 Seed: New York Giants (10-0)

The Giants sit as the last remaining undefeated team with the MVP looking to go b2b. Behind Saquon they have been a stout offensive team averaging a Top Madden best 28 points per game. If there is anything wrong with the Giants team, it’s their run defense where even then, they rank in the top half of the league. Warren has gone 16-0 before, so don’t be surprised if he does so again.

2 Seed: Arizona Cardinals (9-1)

After an 8-8 rebuild year the Cardinals take two defensive top 5 picks and are seeing the benefit now. Reese is not only a DPOTY candidate but also an MVP candidate with 17 Interceptions and 6 touchdowns in 10 games. While favored to win the division, the 2 seed may be up for grabs as they face the hardest part of their schedule without their star QB Kyler Murray who is sidelined 5 weeks with a shoulder tear.

3 Seed: Minnesota Vikings (7-2)

The Vikings addressed the defensive line taking Jimmy Blades in the early first round. This helped complete a defense that is getting older and reaching the end of their competitive window. With Kirk in his last year and an aging roster, the Vikings are doing quite well with their run towards a title. With a powerful defense and a well balanced and dynamic offensive attack, Jordan may be an NFC darkhorse.

4 Seed: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3)

Tampa lost 3 games early this season and it was in part due to the constant injuries this team is battling. At full strength, they are a clear contender. Mike Evans has been absolutely dominant in his return and OJ Howard tops all league Tight Ends in receiving yards with 774. The Buccaneers will however, need to make big changes on defense but for now they can settle with winning shootouts.

WC Contenders

Green Bay (7-3) – while they sit neck and neck with the Vikings they have a soul crushing gauntlet of AZ, NO, CLE, MIN, NYG left to play. The Packers have played well despite a tough schedule and are one of the clear better defensive rosters in the league. Suspensions kept them from glory last season, but make no mistake, Allen wants it all. Should it be Gods will of course.

New Orleans Saints (6-3) – Last years NFC South champ hasn’t been able to replicate it this season. But while the offense may be under performing, they played and won a big game against the Buccaneers and showed that the number 1 passing defense can win on any day of the week.

Seattle Seahawks (6-4) – While the division may be a long shot, the Seahawks dominant passing offense looks to sneak into the wildcard. A team that will win as long as they don’t turn the ball over. Pest is shaking off his mental issue in Top and trying to keep the streak of a championship per cycle alive.

Dallas Cowboys (6-4) – Probably the most annoying team in the league. The Cowboys goal is to have the ball as much as possible. Vs Arlen, the Chargers had 3 offensive plays in the third quarter. THREE. While they struggle to throw and can get toasted by elite receivers fairly easily, the Cowboys are not the team you want to deal with at anytime in January.

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