Welcome to the TM 101 Series where I will be giving tips and tutorials on how to follow the rules, but also to help you handle some of the various issues you may encounter so you aren’t at a disadvantage.

Up first, lets discuss XF Trait upgrades and the glitch that no one here seems to know about or understand.

Throughout the reboot we have seen more XF factor stories than before. Its been a great season for users but there are a number of you who have a player earn their XF upgrade but in the game their players still show as the SS star and not the coveted X.

This is a glitch that doesn’t show the correct symbol but also doesn’t allow that player to enter the zone at all. Its like he is just SS all over again, and theres bout 4-5 of you users who haven’t noticed.

So how to fix it? Follow the below steps and your player will have the correct XF traits.

Step one: In the franchise Mode, navigate to My Team and select the top option to view your team. Do not go to depth chart, or roster but the my team where you can see your entire roster with the menu that looks like the MUT cards team.

Step two: using the LS, navigate all the way to the right side where you can see the options Generate best lineup, change scheme, 0/3 XF. if you notice you won’t see the player in question under the 0/3 XF listing.

Step three: Select Generate Best lineup (and follow any subsequent selections to generate the best lineup)

Step Four: Select Change Scheme (Change the scheme to for any of the options and save)

At this time you should be able to see the player listed under 0/3 Xf (*Note: and for the love of god read the note* that you have to hit RB to the defensive side of the roster to see the 0/3 defensive XF players.)

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