Damn Ty really hit me with the Kanye… “Ima let you finish, but a CM is the most meaningful person to leave top in 2019” – this has been in the works for a few weeks but I’ve played my last snaps in top madden. (Sorry for that fat L Troy)

They say all good things must come to an end. It may be cheesy, but I just wanted to put together this write-up, mainly as a thank you to everybody (well, the handful of you I like). Madden may just be a game, but this group has meant a lot to me during some tough times. CMs (but not Fin & Warren you guys are too new), you guys are the best and I hope this thing gets a second wind and goes on as long as you care to run it. Make TM great again!! Not sure why you haven’t booted Davey yet, but ya know – we all make mistakes.

For the better part of almost 4 years this league has been an outlet and a way to get away from the world (not always in the most positive way – See m19 boom for details, sorry for being a dick), I feel like I’ve watched some of you grow up right before my eyes and I’ve enjoyed being able to consider many of you friends. It’s always been more about the people than the game and I wish nothing but the best and future success for all of you.  

As of right now I’ve canceled my XBL renewal coming up in February, so not to say that I’ll never be back but at this point in my life this is looking like a true madden retirement. Maybe there will be a Brett Favre moment in my future but I’m not holding my breath. Will probably still be using the box for hulu/netflix etc. so if you ever wanna say hi just shoot me a party invite.

P.S. – Fin can say whatever he wants. I always thought the title belt was stupid and I have the last official game played with the real one. I’m taking that thing to the grave if you want to make a new one go for it ?

P.S. P.S – I was never good at this game at all so if I ever beat you, you suck!

We’ve lost a lot of legacy members in the past couple cycles, life goes on but all of those guys are missed. I had this idea as a quick parting piece of content and I hate to miss out on one last chance to rosterbate; so to cap it off – here’s Boomstick991’s MM/TM all cycle legacy team:

QB – Reid Welbourne, Falcons – M18

RB – Austin Ekeler, Chargers – M19 / Devonta Freeman, Falcons – M18

WR – Alex Scantlebury, Falcons – M18 / Taylor Gabriel, Falcons M18 / Mike Williams, Chargers M19 / Sammy Watkins, Bills M17

TE – Charles Clay, Bills – M17

OL – Falcons M18 all drafted 90+ Club

DE – Vic Beasley, Falcons – M18 / Joey Bosa, Chargers – M19

DT – Grady Jarrett, Falcons M18 / Marcell Dareus, Bills M17

OLB – Kyzir White, Chargers – M19 / Dalton Heck, Falcons M18

MLB – Bobby Wagner, Seahawks M20

CB – Trevor Williams, Chargers M19 / Jalen Collins, Falcons M18 / Desmond Trufant, Falcons M18

FS – Keanu Neal, Falcons M18

SS – Derwin James, Chargers M19

Honorable Mentions:

Russell Wilson, QB, Seahawks – M20

Brandon Cooks, WR, Chargers – M19

DK Metcalf, WR, Seahawks – M20

Tyler Lockett, WR, Seahawks – M20

Yannick Ngakoue, DE, Seahawks – M20

Jerry Hughes, DE, Bills – M17

Kevin Mooney, OLB, Bills – M17

Deion Jones, MLB, Falcons – M18

It’s been real guys, rip Boom 11/30/2019

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