its simple, the restart has fucked absolutely everything up. Everyone who sucked still sucks, everyone who was good sucks, and Davey and Allen are the only people having any kind of notable success. Nonetheless, theres a few players that are having break out years, and not many expected it. Lets go through them.

Sony Michel, RB, NE

Sony is the first back to reach a thousand yards and has 11 touchdowns. Its evident that Davey has figured out lead pass and is having more success with Michel as a result of a more balanced offensive attack. It helps the Patriots reboot roster is one of the best in the league, but Sony did not benefit from updates, but he is balling now.

Malik Hooker, S, IND

Hooker is top 2 in the league in interceptions with 7 and is a big part of the Colts dominant run so far. While Steele is known for his defensive prowess, Hooker deserves to be recognized for his efforts.

Robert Foster, WR, BUF

Cory placed Foster on the block for a third rounder and I almost laughed. Then I saw ratings and was like…okay maybe. Then i saw he was second in the league in receiving yards and i was like OKAY ROBERT FOSTER. While the Bills are down, they love feeding their young receiver with excellent speed to make plays after the catch.

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