By: Steele

This is all opinionated and I’m sure many of you may disagree or even agree….

The Losers

  1. Warren. Warren was a favorite for a 19-0 season and was only 2 wins away. With a stacked chiefs team that now had a young running back on the rise, I was curious to see if he may ever lose again. Now he was stuck with a later pick in the team choosing draft and ended up with the giants, while I’m sure he will be fine and continue to contend every year, the giants are light years from the chiefs. 
  2. Danny. Danny was already a super bowl champion and a favorite to go back to the super bowl and I believe he was the best bet to take down Warren. He is a CM and was able to pick a team of his choosing but having to step away from a super bowl team and having a chance to repeat sucks. And now he is also stuck in a division with me and has to take 2 losses a season. OUCH
  3. Jordan. Hahahahah this one brings me too much joy. LOL. Jordan has to leave behind the scariest offense I have ever seen, so much speed, so much big play ability and he was great at using it. Now he has a Vikings team with good weapons, but cap issues moving forward and not near the speed and amazingness he had at QB. Sorry Jordan, but I’m really not sorry. 🙂

*some other mentions would be Fin missing out on his chance to take down Goliath and also Ty losing his stud young QB.

The Winners

  1. Lance. If there was ever a chance this man could accidentally win some games it would be now, as long as he does not make any silly trades as I have seen Sammy Watkins recently put on the trade block already…. the QB, the WRs, the TE, Lance could lob and bomb his way to some victories as long as he play it safe on defense and rides Mahomes shoulders as much as he can. 
  2. Boom. I have not yet received the picture of Boom masterbating on his Xbox, but man. Gets his favorite team and the scary cheese offense that is the ravens. I know he’s excited and I’m sure he will have a lot of fun, let’s just hope he can limit the suspensions. It will be fun to watch Boom. And also the AFC is not as scary as it has been in the past. Goodluck Boomer. 
  3. Me. While I was able to make playoffs season 2 I can now for the time being erase my abysmal performances from season 1. I was proud of the way I was able to open up some cap and make the Steelers much younger but I had lots of holes and lacked speed in many of the most important areas for madden. Now I get the young, speedy, cheesey, Colts team filled with cap and talent. As well as lots of AFC big boys movies to the NFC. Let’s hope the Brisket can carry me to the promised land. 

*Other mentions include Pest no longer have 100 interceptions with one of the best QBs ever and also Kyle McDick somehow getting 11th pick and taking over the nasty rushing attack in SF.

By Fin

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