Chargers vs Jets

This season Ty shifted gears and steered away from the run heavy offense we grew accustomed to last season. In fact, MGIII numbers dropped a ton as he rushed for 1,298 yards and tallied only 11 TDs compared to last seasons 21. He relied on the rookies arm all season and it got them a Wildcard spot at 12-4.

Key to Victory: Protect the ball

Troy and his Jets continued to pound the rock just as much as they did last season. They almost had another season of 2 rushers over 1k. With Nickerson being tied for #1 in INTs, he could cause some trouble for the opposing rookie QB.

Key to Victory: Control the clock

With that being said, I don’t think Troys run attack will be enough to beat Ty. Ty takes care of the football and wins this game 24-13

Steelers vs Texans

Fin has had a balanced attack all season. He currently has 3 running backs hovering around the 100 carry mark, and all 3 are averaging over 5.5 yards per carry. He also was able to get both Fuller and Hopkins over 1,000 yards on the season. With the exception of Watson’s 31 INTs, this offense can be hard to slow down.

Keys to victory: 

Pound the rock with the 3 headed monster.

Apply pressure on Jimmy Johnson to force  TOs

Steele has been able to take good care of the football with rookie QB Jimmy Johnson. With just under a 3:1 TD/INT ratio Johnson has shown that he’s able to lead his team to victory early in his career. In fact, he has lead the Steelers to a 9-1 finish on the year and secured a wild card matchup against a defense that he has had success against in their previous matchup. In the previous matchup with the Texans, the Steelers managed to take a 35-18 victory behind a 14/16 2TD night from Johnson. 3rd down conversions and forced turnovers is what allowed the Steelers to pull it off. Can they do it again?

Keys to victory:

Protect the ball! Keep JJ and Clowney off of Johnson

Utilize the run game. Take pressure off the rookie to have to make tough throws.

Score: 31-21

I have Fin taking this one the 2nd time around. He manages to keep turnovers to a minimum and his 3 headed monster prove to be to much for Steele and Jimmy Johnson to overcome.

By Fin

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