Best Single Offensive Performance

Winner: Kenny Golladay – 9 receptions 259 yards 3 TD

Runner Up: Drew Brees 17-22 516 Yards 5 TDs 2 INT

Kenny Golladay had the breakout year everyone thought he had the potential to have and the top performance came week 7 against Minnesota. Kenny was dominant and proved he’s worth the super star development boost absolutely terrorizing the Vikings defense to earn himself the single best offensive performance of the year.

Best Single Defensive Performance

Winner: Jalen Ramsey – 6 Interceptions

Runner Up: Cameron Jordan – 6 Sacks

There really was no runner up as Ramsey’s performance against Cincinnati was the unanimous winner of this category. Ptown built his reputation on 50/50 balls but didn’t take its more of a 10/90 vs Jalen. Ramsey’s performance was an outlier as he only scored an interception in one other game this year. But, those who saw this performance know he’s worth the paycheck he will receive soon.

Most Likely “Worst to First”

Winner: Steele

Runner Up: Seran

The Steelers defined struggle this year as they could never put it all together at the same time. But with the Bengals out of the picture and a top draft pick, Steele has the skill to right the ship and get these guys back on track.

Least Active User

Winner: KMcD

Runner Up: Flex

While KMcD was mostly absent from chat, he did all his talking on the field stunning the league with a double digit W column and barely missing the post season. While this post alone would have more words than KMcD in the discord search function, he was quite talkative in the DMs dishing his two top offensive players away to Buffalo and Cincy.

Most Active User

Winner: Davey

Runner Up: Ty

This award is based on quantity and not quality, and the king of the shit post takes this. Whether it is the crowd favorite “vance” or the dreaded garlic bread memes, Davey is there is the residential village idiot of the chat, and he is here to stay.

Game of the Year

Winner: Atlanta Falcons 45 vs New Orleans 38

Runner Up: Green Bay vs San Francisco

The entire season Julio Jones was the shining light on a burning Falcons team. When it came to the game of the year, he posted one catch….for an 80 yard TD. A game with ridiculous offensive output ended in an odd fashion but it ended in a Falcons victory. Allowing over 500 yards of total offense, the Falcons managed to pull out 4+ turnovers and made a statement win that they may not be there right now, but they are good enough to compete. The Saints rebounded well and finished 14-2, with a lesson not to let games get out of hand.

Best User Defender

Winner: Donny

Runner Up: Seran

Donny was one of the many who transitioned to usering a safety in Madden 20 and the results show this was a smart decision. Advancing not only to the second playoff round, safety Rudy Ford notched 18 interceptions on the season absolutely obliterating the rest of the league in that stat column. The ability to get these stats without falling short in other areas on defense show Donny is a real threat for the SB.

Best Rushing Offense

Winner: Blue

Runner Up: Troy

No surprise, you win MVP you win best rushing offense. SaQuon was nothing short of unstoppable this year and it has left the league at a loss to see the Giants advance to the playoffs and win their division.

Best Passing Offense

Winner: Danny

Runner Up: Warren

The Saints finished 14-2 because Drew Brees is a fucking animal. Just 32 yards short of having three 1K receiving yard players the Saints notched 52 receiving touchdowns and Brees passed for an incredible 4,995 yards. Three X-Factor offense was pure dominance all year long and are clear favorites for the S1 Title.

Best Overall Defense

Winner: Donny

Runner Up: Danny

As mentioned before, Donny killed it on defense this cycle. Some was user defense, some was an incredible eagles roster, and the other was possibly having the easiest Strength of Schedule I have seen. Nonetheless, the Eagles forced everyone to play in uncomfortable situations and even shutout the New England Patriots. Well done Donny.

Best Overall Offense

Winner: Fin

Runner Up: Danny

The Texans scored 36.3 PPG to lead the entire league and scored a league high 70 offensive touchdowns on the season. Top 2 in third down percentage, top 5 in rushing offense, and one of the best passing attacks in the league with Watson carrying a 42:15 Td/Int Ratio. To put it simple, the AFCS is pretty much the Big 10 and the Texans are Texas Tech.

Best Overall User (MVP)

Winner: Danny

Runner Up: Warren

Runner ups in best overall offense and defense, the Saints classed the entire league in terms of all around dominance. Brees, Kamara, Thomas, and Jordan all had career years and showed their X-Factor status was no fluke. They were top 5 in sacks and led the entire league with 44 interceptions and looking at the offensive yards well its ridiculous. Congratulations to our league MVP for Season 1 as voted by our secret panel, Commish Danny.

By Fin

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