Bengals at Ravens

This will be a game to watch; hope you brought your nose plugs because the cheese in this one is going to stink to high heaven. The Ravens will rely on their signal caller Lamar Jackson to lead the way by air and by ground. However, if the Bengals jump out to early lead which I suspect they will, it will force Lamar to test his questionable accuracy and that is a recipe for disaster.

Bengals win 28-24

John Ross: 4 catches 127 yards 1 TD.  185 Return Yards 1 TD

Chargers @ Texans

Expect the Chargers to come out and feed the offensive player of the year Melvin Gordan the 3rd. Coach Fin will know it is coming but expect Ty to try anyways because if he can get Melvin in the zone it is a game changer. Fin will sell out on stopping the run and on offense work to get the ball to his X factor as well. This game will come down to a battle of wits and pre-play adjustments between two of the best madden minds in the cycle. Fin does enough to slow down Mel and completes the upset.

Texans win 24-20

Will Fuller: 5 catches 130 yards 1 TD

Eagles @ Packers

This game will come down to limiting mistakes. If Pest can limit the mistakes he makes on offensive he can win this game handily. With Donny and an unforgiving Eagles defense any mistake Pest does happen to make can easily turn in to points. Rodgers pitches a damn near perfect game in this one and leads the Pack to victory. Packer take this one at home.

Packer win 35-17

Aaron Rodgers 20-24 325 yards 3 TDs

Bears @ Giants

The Bears have a solid defense and they will need it to be solid if they going to stop Saquon and the Giants. With tomorrow not promised expect Blue to go full Saquon stretch mode at the risk of suspension. Giants run run run the ball and the Bears don’t stop them.

Giants win 28-20

Saquon: 16 rushes 179 yards 2 TDs

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