1 – New Orleans Saints

The Saints boast an offense that can beat you anywhere and a defense that will suffocate you if you are stuck passing from behind. Two losses to sub .500 teams show that this team doesn’t lack skill, but it may underestimate easy opponents. Don’t expect any of that to carry over to post season play.

2 – Kansas City Chiefs

With Tevin Coleman back from injury the Chiefs ran away with the division and feature the fastest offense in Top Madden history. At any point, from any yard line this team can put 7 on the board and it’s going to take some big defensive stops to keep the Chiefs from advancing.

3 – Los Angeles Chargers

Second in the AFC only to his divisional counterpart, this team boast the AFC’s offensive and defensive players of the year. Quite possibly the best built team in the playoffs right now, limiting turnovers and handing Gordon the rock will be their keys to victory.

4 – Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are “in” right now, but there’s hints of doubt if they can’t find ways to run the football. That being said, having an elite safety changes the ball game in tremendous way, and they have quite possibly the best in the business. Patient play and using their playmakers is of the upmost importance.

5 – Houston Texans

This is the deadliest offense in the league. Over 1500 rushing yards, two 1k receivers, and the most touchdowns scored in the league, they are built to put up points, the issue…holding that lead. The Texans struggle with second half defense and the playoffs is not the place to struggle with defense. 

6 – New York Jets

The Jets had 2, yes TWO 1k rushers and they have already faced some of the most devastating rushing offenses in the league and survived. So why at 6 for the AFC’s top seed? Well it’s the balance. Do the Jet have enough of a passing attack to convert big downs and drives when they need it most? I think they do.

7 – Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals sneak into the wildcard with a win against Cleveland but they haven’t been without their glaring holes. Can Mariota focus in and put them in contention for a ring? 

8 – San Francisco 49ers

The Niners are the fucking 2 seed in the NFC. They have had some of the best performances of the season and quite honesty the most underrated offense. Jimmy G sported the leagues top TD/INT ratio and Breida tacked on 25 touchdowns of his own. The issue is, the niners have struggled to maintain focus and win the premier matchups of the league, but to put them this low is not to disrespect them, they just need to put it all together and they have the user and the talent to win this whole thing.

9 – Philadelphia Eagles

Rudy Ford of all people lead the leagues best defense and they come into the playoffs firmly in the 5th spot. The offense has not one shining star, but a group effort that benefits off a defense that puts them in positions to win. 

10 – Green Bay Packers

The packers were confident they would make the post season and traded their 1st and 2nd round picks to secure stars for this team. The downside is there may be too much confidence in the roster and it has led to a high risk offense that sometimes struggles to reap those high rewards. 

11 – Chicago Bears

The bears started this season strong and finish it the same way. A clutch win puts the best defensive roster right where they want to be, in the playoffs and overlooked. Willie is known for his ability to win big games and this is his time to shine. The Warden welcomes you to Alcatraz.

12 – New York Giants

The MVP and his crew sits at 12 mainly because of how one dimensional they are. With their top receiver suspended, and a defense that has its struggles, the Giants may be too dependent and too predictable. But that may not even matter. 

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