Hey guys, so as most of you may know this was my last season in top and I just want to thank all of you guys for making this one of most enjoyable and memorable things in my life. From the beginning of LOC in madden 16 as a 18 year old wee lad and being suspended 24/7 like a deliquent child that can’t seem to act right in school, all the way to now. If you asked people like Ty, Cory and pretty much every CM I’ve grown a lot and I have you guys to thank for it. Some of the most impactful pieces of advice in my life has come from you and I genuinely would like to thank you for helping me become the person I am. Through the good, the bad, and the ugly i’ve always been able to turn to you guys and get nothing but support despite the occasional meme :P. Anyways as I make this transition in my life in taking a major step to put myself in a position to succeed, I just wanted to let you know how much each and everyone of you mean to me and how honored I am to have been able to partake and meet so many great and wonderful people. ( This parts for the CMs so if you want to read it you can if not then Don’t)And to Ty and the rest of the CMs thank you for putting up with me before and helping me become the man I am today. I honestly can’t put into words how humble I’ve become and how much our conversations meant to me and how lucky I am to have people like you in my life. Without getting to sappy I didn’t really grow up with too many successful people in my life and I really looked up to you guys as role models and your honesty and genuine willingness to help me will always have a special meaning to me. You guys turned this from just a madden league to a second family for me.

P.s I love you guys and im going to miss you all when I leave to bootcamp. WhiteStrawberry/Ptown Out

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