With all the beef going down in Top Madden you’d think we were sponsoring a Chik-fil-A commercial. Between The Warren suspension controversy, the Troy and Blue beef, the Troy and G$ beef, the short lived Lance/Cory bear saga, The Pest salt from shitty internet… Some members must be close to reaching their breaking point…Thus, Davey and I decided to analyze what would be the final straw for each member and ultimately forced them to quit Top Madden.

Pest: He has to play another game on hotel WIFI.

Lance: He has another kid.

Willie: 2k20 was given a game score of 7.5 or better.

Gridiron: He gets dropped to 17 in the power rankings.

Flex: four verts is taken out of every playbook.

Arlen: arrested for conspiracy to cover up vaccines do actually cause autism.

Allen B: we find out he was catfished by someone pretending to be Dez.

Jordan: Gets hired to play harry potter on an off broadway play.

Davey: No one replies “Hi Davey”

Isaias: SML actually becomes a good league to play in.

Troy: We stop caring about his youth football team.

Boom: Obama comes to take his guns.

Derek: He picks up a 2nd job…at GameStop.

Slim: we prove he is really just Donny’s alt.

Ty: dog pics are banned.

Cory: Ty leaves.

P-Town: He joins the Army.

Woat: Starbucks changes it’s hours to open 24/7.

KmcD: You have to post at least one message a day in genchat.

Seran: Got coded into an actual box.

Nano: his new gf refuses to blow him during games.

Gmoney: Troy becomes a CM

Shrimp: Membership to the league requires a resume.

Donny: contracts measles.

Steele: There is a world wide shortage on pomade.

Tony: earth is revealed to be round.

Blue: madden can only be purchased by 18+

Mindfire: They stop producing money plays on YouTube.

Kyle: Season 1passes.

Danny: the word cap becomes banned in chat.

Fin: Someone who loves to argue as much as he does joins the chat.

Warren: he runs out of hot neighbors to tell us about.

By Lance

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