And we’re off to the races! We’ve had a very good start of the cycle lead by Troy’s participation going up by 500% since team selection. Troy has also gone as far as nominate who should be cut from the league due to no early vances. Derek comes in at playing the last game in each vance twice while many early birds are staying up past midnight to play.

Offensively we’ve seen points and points and points. Many are not complaining since for once they are able to get bailed out by their poor reads and throws into triple coverage.

Leading the charge for quarterbacks are a few familiar faces and one cheese rookie QB.

Philip Rivers 13 TD 5 INT
Aaron Rodgers 12 TD 7 INT
Tyree Jackson 11 TD 3 INT
Patrick Mahomes 11 TD 4 INT
Marcus Mariota 11 TD 8 INT

On the other end Cam Newton leads the league with 14 INTs followed by Ben Roethlisbergers 10.

Melvin Gordon leads the league with 7 TDs with Saquon Barkley close behind at 6 then Gurley/Hunt/Conner each with 5.

With this pass happy approach many WRs are putting up big numbers to start the year.

Stefon Diggs 464 yards 6 TD
Tyreek Hill 329 yards 5 TD
Phillip Dorsett 364 yards 5 TD
Davante Adams 318 yards 5 TD
Deandre Hopkins 403 yards 5 TD

Surprisingly Juju Smith-Schuster leads the league with 7 drops. Perhaps Steele needs to not throw into triple coverage.

Defensively we already see huge sack totals due to the inability of people to understand what a checkdown is. The top 5 sack leaders are ALL X-factors.

Joey Bosa 12
Cameron Jordan 10
Von Miller 6
Khalil Mack 6
Demarcus Lawrence 6

In the backend we have some random dudes mixed with some familiar faces on INTS.

Eddie Jackson 5 INT
Travin Howard(WHO) 5 INT
Rudy Ford (WHO AGAIN) 5 INT
PJ Williams 3 INT
Nasir Adderley 3 INT

Undefeated teams:
NY Jets (Troy) 3-0
KC Chiefs (Warren) 3-0
Chicago Bears (Willie) 3-0
Indy Colts (Isaias) 3-0
NO Saints (Danny) 3-0

Winless teams:
Oakland Raiders (Derek) 0-3
Arizona Cardinals (Seran) 0-3
Cleveland Browns (Shrimp) 0-3
Jacksonville Jaguars (Lance) 0-3
Atlanta Falcons (Allen) 0-3

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