Wow. Ok people I know its been a while since my last #TaskerTake but i had to take a little break due to personal reasons. With that being said I’m back now and boy do we have some juicy things to jump into. The Patriots trying to pick fights with the new Falcons head coach saying he’s garbage even though they’re off to dare I say an abysmal start? The Jets looking poised to run away with the AFC east and BOY WAS I WRONG ABOUT THEM. The Colts are on Fire, still not having lost a game and looking to take the Texans ( who I thought was a shoo in to win the division) out of the playoff picture. The Saints, and get ready for this one folks. The New Orleans Saints have more wins than the entire division combined… AND ITS WEEK 4 FOLKS.

But now for the real reason we are all here, you know what I’ve been thinking about lately? Who’s a pretender VS who’s not, yes thats right, I know everyone wants to live in the moment but come on people. It’s barely week 4 these records hardly mean a thing right now im going to name you some of the people I expect to fall off a cliff harder than Wile E Coyote and who i expect are actually the real deal.

New York Jets

The New York Jets people. I had this team pegged to go 6-10 and to drop at LEAST 1 game to the Buffalo Bills and after 4 weeks I gotta say… I was wrong, CONTENDER . This team is the real deal and don’t sleep on them, Sure they have the easiest schedule in the league and it isn’t even close right now, but they have an identity and they stick to it. Pound the rock, play good defense. It’s not flashy, but it keeps the other team honest and Troy believes in himself enough that if he doesn’t create unnecessary turnovers and give the other team the ball that he can grind out a dub.

Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts. Initially I had this squad predicted to go 5-11, that was a bit harsh and they came out the gate swinging going 3-0 with a good win over the Los Angeles Chargers. However i’m still not convinced they can roll with this momentum despite having the 2nd easiest schedule in the league, PRETENDER. Their win over the LA Chargers was in week 1 and anything can happen week 1 of a brand new season. I don’t think this team will just straight up plummet I can see them finishing with about 10 wins or so due to their schedule alone, But I don’t think they will win their division, and I don’t think they will make past the Wildcard round if they make it there.

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears. The Bears are another undefeated team that is surprising most as this Head Coach transitioned from a star NBA athlete to A football head coach and won all 3 of his games up to this point. It pains me to say this about everyone’s favorite dollar store Lil Nas X but the Bears are PRETENDERS. Just like the Colts they have one good win over the Green Bay Packers but like Indy that win came week 1 and who knows maybe aaron rodgers had a couple drinks the night before, Maybe Receivers didn’t take training camp serious I don’t know. His next two games were 17-8 over the broncos and 19-17 over the redskins. I expect this team to finish in 3rd place in this division behind both the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings

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