Week 1 Power Rankings
RK (LW)TeamRecordSummary
1 (1) Kansas City Chiefs1-0Warren puts on a offensive clinic in his first game of the cycle beating the Jags 40-3. Passing for almost 500 yards and nearly pitching a shutout on defense; Warren does enough against power ranking bottom dweller Lance to maintain his top spot in the rankings. Don’t expect Warren to drop a spot next week playing the Raiders. Jordan will face his first test week 3 against Jordan as his defense will have to slow down Lamar Jackson and the RavensWarren puts on a offensive clinic in his first game of the cycle beating the Jags 40-3. Passing for almost 500 yards and nearly pitching a shutout on defense; Warren does enough against power ranking bottom dweller Lance to maintain his top spot in the rankings. Don’t expect Warren to drop a spot next week playing the Raiders. Jordan will face his first test week 3 against Jordan as his defense will have to slow down Lamar Jackson and the Ravens
2 (2) New Orleans Saints1-0Danny defends his number two spot this week in the power rankings just squeaking out a victory over Fin’s Texans 24-17. Danny takes on the Nanner Rams next week before facing a tough Seahawks team in week 3.
3 (9) Chicago Bears1-0Willie makes a statement in his first game of the cycle taking down perennial Superbowl contender Pest 35-21. Trubisky played nearly flawless completing 70% of his passes for 230 yards and a score. Expect Willie to maintain this spot in the Power rankings at least until he faces another test in week 7 and 8 when he will take on Danny and Ty in back to back weeks.lk
4 (3) Los Angeles Chargers0-1Isaias shocks the world and hands Ty his first loss of the season in game 1. From the mouth of coach Ty himself, Isaias just played better. Despite the week one L, Ty only drops one spot in the power rankings. We will look ahead to week 3 vs Fin to see if Ty can defend his top 5 position in the power rankings or if he is destined to continue the slide down the ranks.
5 (5) Green Bay Packers0-1Pest loss is more a testament to Willie’s readiness to reinstate his dominance in Madden than it is a knock on our peoples CM. The Packers have made a ton of moves in the preseason and we will give them a couple weeks to see if they can gel before overreacting to hard and plummeting Pest in the rankings. With no real test until week 8 vs KC. Expect Pest to roll into that matchup with only 1 L.
6 (8) Pittsburgh Steelers1-0Steele jumps Davey and Fin in the power rankings this week to move in to the 6 spot. Steele will be put through the wringer in the first 4 weeks of the season facing Davey, Boom and Ptown. If Steele can come out on top of those matchups when he surfaces week 5 we may seem him sitting even higher upon the power rankings
7 (6) Houston Texans0-1Fin drops a spot in the power rankings after taking a close loss to Danny and the Saints. Fin dropping in the rankings is more about making room for Willie and Steele above him than it is about his slim loss to a real tough opponent. All eyes will be on his week 2 matchup as he takes on the supremely underrated Jags…JK…We will look ahead to week 3 when he plays the Chargers to get more clarity on the top of the rankings.
8 (4) Baltimore Ravens1-0Jordan surprisingly drops 4 spots in the power rankings despite winning his week 1 matchup against Kyle. Maybe I am underrating Kyle’s skill level or maybe I had the Ravens too high to begin with but I would have expected a victory of a higher margin. Of course, it is hard to determine how the actual game went without having seen the stream. But have no fear Hordan will have ample oppurtunity to prove me wrong and prove his rightful spot is once again in the top 5 as faces Warren and Steele in the next few weeks.
9 (7) New England Patriots0-1Davey lost. He drops. Steele won. He rises.  All eyes on the week 3 matchup against the New York Jets to see if Davey starts the season 1-2 or if he gains some traction on Troy who’s week 1 victory gives him the lead in the division race.
10 (10) Dallas Cowboys1-0Slim defends his top 10 power ranking and my honor by winning week 1 against Blue and the Giants and maintaining his spot. Dak Prescott exits weeks 1 as the TOP rated Qb of the week. With Gridiron and the Redskins on the schedule next week expect a shootout as rookie QB Dwayne Haskins balled out week 1 as well.
11 (11) New York Jets1-0Troy does as expected of someone displaying the 11th ranked team badge and beats Cory and the Bills by two scores. A lot of movement from the teams around Troy but he stays put at 11. A win against Davey week 3 would surely be enough to propel him into the top 10.
12 (15) Cincinnati Bengals1-0Ptown does his best “this team is actually good” impression (which he has been trying to convince us since team selection) and beats Boom 20-19. In a couple weeks Ptown will have to play Steele. If Ptown can keep the wins coming in, he will make a strong case to continue his rise in the power rankings
13 (13) Seattle Seahawks0-1Boom stays put in his spot at the power rankings. If you haven’t figured it out yet, losing a close game to a good opponent isn’t going to affect your rankings much. Now losing to a bad opponent *ahem* Seran *ahem* will probably have a bigger drop associated with it.
14 (16) Los Angeles Rams1-0Nano puts on a dominating performance against the Panthers and damn near drops fiddy on Woat. Good enough to jump a couple spots in the rankings.
15 (17) San Francisco 49ers1-0Mindfire does a little flexing of his own week 1 putting Flex in his place with a 30-17 victory. Unfortunately things don’t get easier for Mindfire as he plays Ptown and Steele in back to back weeks
16 (20) Washington Redskins1-0Gridiron had a solid showing in week 1. Haskins landed as one of the top rated QBs of the week and emerges as an early contender for OROY. Can Grid keep it rolling to continue his climb in the rankings
17 (22) Miami Dolphins0-1The dolphins have a tough schedule for a rebuilding team, but hold their own in a 17-9 loss to Baltimore. Defense seems to be on point but can Rosen and this receiver corps find ways to score?
18 (27) Indianapolis Colts1-0Marlon Mack carries the Colts offense to an impressive week 1 victory against the Chargers but is this a sustainable effort or will more be asked from this team to prove they are division contenders.
19 (12) Arizona Cardinals0-1Seran finds himself in a tough spot with the struggling Cardinals. Are they built to compete this year or will this GM plan for the future?
20 (26) Minnesota Vikings1-0Tyree Jackson was a true candidate for offensive player of the week netting 4 touchdowns in his debut against Atlanta. The young rookie was anointed the starter over Kirk on Thursday and he showed why. Though, who can’t find success with those receivers.
21 (14) Philadelphia Eagles0-1Wentz gets absolutely murdered week one as the Eagles surrender 9, that’s right 9 Sacks to the Skins. An active team on the trade block should see Philly making moves to help Carson on the offensive side of the football, they bring in Devin Funchess after shipping Alshon off to Buffalo to change things up.
22 (21) Buffalo Bills0-1The bills defense was very impressive and were almost able to put away the Jets. Derrick Henry scores twice in his New York debut and looks to bring back a buffalo run game that has been non-existent since the Marshawn Lynch days.
23 (23) New York Giants0-1Blue talked the most trash pre-season and immediately finds himself 0-1. He has not been seen in chat.
24 (32) Detroit Lions1-0Tony has looked strong and seems better at M20 than last year. Still a ways to climb though
25 (28) Tennessee Titans1-0A nice FW over the Browns, good job, good effort.
26 (29) Denver Broncos1-0Wow. After sending his butler out to pick up Madden he immediately pops in the game and beats Oakland. What a legend.
27 (25) Tampa Bay Buccaneers0-1Flex is usually around 27th every season so nothing to see here.
28 (19) Carolina Panthers0-1 After cucking Fin on his team selection, Woat immediately gets cucked week 1 and lets up 47 points.
29 (24) Oakland Raiders0-1Derek takes a L week one to G$ week one and the Broncos. He will have to step up his game or the Raiders will be looking at another early draft pick this year
30 (18) Cleveland Browns0-1Shrimp drops in the power rankings after taking a force loss. This isn’t anything against Shrimpers he will just have to win some games before we see him rise or fall much more
31 (30) Atlanta Falcons0-1Allen B takes an L in his TM debut. Arlen seems to have put it together this year thus far. Nothing is free here in Top Madden, if Allen wants to move up he will have to earn it.
32 (31) Jacksonville Jaguars0-1Its your boy checking in at last place after getting his behind handed to him week 1 against our top rated team. Nowhere to go but up from here Jacksonville

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