It has only been a little over 48 hours since Madden 20 has dropped to EA Access. Although, this is not nearly enough time to form a lasting opinion on the game it didn’t stop your content team from reaching out to get everyone’s initial thoughts on the game.

Here are the your league members opinion on the game in two sentences.

Pest – Loving the gameplay so far – it is familiar, yet different enough to feel like an entirely new game rather than a re-skin on M18 and M19. It’s not without its flaws such as the new no-huddle system and the inconsistent-at-best open field tackling mechanics, but I’m more excited for this year than any of the past few years.

Fin – Madden 20 is going to put pressure on folks to learn the game. Instead of free roam it will be about trusting your star players on defense and accounting for deficiencies in weaker guys.

Nano – The xfactor abilities add a new level of tactics to the gameplay. Avoiding a sack to stop someone getting in the zone could be game changing

Blue – I’ve been out of town.. haven’t played it

G$ – I don’t get the game until like 9 August bro. Living in Asia I always get the game 7 to 10 days later than USA.

Kyle – The overall player movement is 100x better than previous years. And I will need to be patient with the dolphins

Tony – I’ve played one game so far.

Woat – New animations, same old Woat.

Grid – In the land of the ‘Fearmonger’, the ‘Escape Artist’ is King

KMcD – I like the changes that I think will make it tougher to have a cheesy downfield passing offense. User D will take some adjusting to.

Shrimp – I haven’t played it enough. I’ve been very busy.

Slim: I feel like it’s a more competent game. Less bullshit and WAY better animations

Steele: I came here to knit and eat some ass….. and I just finished making my sweater

Seran: sole goal as TC member is to rekt the trapist. Fuck you Pest.

Isaias: It’s a fun game. RPOs are neat.

Ty: Sexy like a chocolate strawberry.

Mindfire – Thought one: corner routes are back. Thought two: defense is still tough.

Troy – Madden’s release is as enjoyable if not more enjoyable than Christmas morning.The new madden makes me want to quit my job.

Warren – Polished version of Madden 19. Gameplay is much smoother and habits have to be broken in order to learn the tendencies of this new game.

P-Town – the best madden of the generation. everything just feels so fluid and smooth.

Danny – I’m a fan so far, the new ball trajectory and player movement in general are awesome, and I think the under the hood stuff in cfm is gonna make a big difference. Fumbles and the occasional tipped pass are kind of annoying.

Davey – Too easy. I whooped warren and pests butts with one hand behind my back.

Donny- Pass rushing seems OP, but what’s new? My elite OL from m19 are still turnstiles lol

Lance – Cap Matters. Bosa (and probably pass rushing in general) is OP.

Cory – M20 has the chance to be the most balanced madden we have seen in 3-4 years. Feels natural.

By Lance

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