As many of you may know, my idea for an AFC vs NFC Battle of the Century was recently shot down! (P.S. I’m fairly certain mine would have been much more interactive and meaningful than that Fin guy or whatever his name is.) Anyway, that’s beside the point. Today we will talk about how I chose the New Orleans Saints user, FT Indigo, to go UNDEFEATED in the regular season en route to a Super Bowl trip. Now I know what you’re wondering: “Tasker didn’t you only pin them down as 13-3 not too long ago?” Yes, yes I did, but after some research I’ve realized something. Well more like a couple things.

  1. This Saints team is LOADED. A good offensive line, a HOF QB in none other than Breesus himself. A RB in a Madden where I deem superstar running backs will be OP, especially with Kamara’s abilities. A superstar WR in Micheal Thomas paired with a speed guy like Ted Ginn. Also, a TE like Jared Cook coming off a pro bowl caliber season. Wowee what a roster to behold, BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. Defensively these aren’t slouches either. I’m talking a defense spearheaded by Cam Jordan and Marshon Lattimore. I foresee big things coming out of New Orleans this year, just wait.
  2. This Roster is an absolute cake walk for someone the caliber of Danny. When your hardest match up all season is someone like fin or boom and those are the only foreseeable losses I could see him taking (which to be honest I don’t see him losing but its plausible AnY gIvEn SuNdAy) how can you bet against him. He faces the NFC West and the AFC South with his 2 random games being against the Cowboys and the Bears.
  3. Danny has a “I’m Kevin Durant, you know who I am” moment and plays with a slight chip on his shoulder this cycle to show the newcomers and remind us vets what he’s capable of. No nonsense, no drama, just show up and ball. That’s what Danny does, and that’s what he’s going to continue to do come Madden 20.


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