Name a more iconic duo than:

Jordan and Harry Potter
Shrimp and a Ukulele
PTown and his chin strap
Steele and cucking his brother
Lance and Cajuste
KMCD and not being active in chat
Isaias and Davey calling them friends
Fin and taking selfies
Kyle and leaving the league
Troy and threesomes
Cory and Firehouse subs
Davey and Hi Davey
GMoney and contributing to the league
Warren and NHL 3v3s
Derek and spongebob profile pics
Ty and getting the word crap in his xbox GT
Arlen and science
Willie and getting his players suspended
Tony and I don’t know who Tony is
Pest and his Hawaiian shirts
Allen and getting in the league over other waitlisters before him
Danny and rap/sneakers
Woat and being a nice gu y
Flex and 4 verts
Grid and his Land Rover
Slim and being the same person as Donny
Donny and see above
Blue and bedtime at 8pm
Boom and being the first to lose interest in Madden
Mindfire and Apex
Seran and early morning rage
Nano and anger management classes

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