Post Team Selection Power Rankings
RK (LW)TeamRecordSummary
1 (2) Kansas City ChiefsN/AWarren can pass, this offense can pass, good enough reason for the Kansas City Chefs to rise up one spot to the #1 spot in the preseason Power rankings
2 (3) New Orleans SaintsN/AAfter Landing Danny the Saints rise one spot but this is more attributed to the fall of the Browns in the Power Rankings than anything else
3 (4) Los Angeles ChargersN/AA good team receives a good [enough] user. This is enough for the Chargers to rise one spot to 3. The question here is… will Ty be able to redeem himself of sorts and keep the Chargers of Los Angeles at the top of the Rankings
4 (5) Baltimore RavensN/ANot a whole lot of change up at the top, the top tier users took the top teams from the last power rankings. Ravens up 1 spot
5 (6) Green Bay PackersN/ASure you can argue Pest should be higher than Jordan but we are really splitting hairs here. Packers along with the rest of the top 5 jump up 1
6 (14) Houston TexansN/AThis is our first big mover up 8 spots from the Pre-team selection rankings due to landing Fin the Human. The funny thing is, if Woat didn’t cuck Fin, this spot would have been reserved for the Panthers, who would have also jumped one spot.
7 (21) New England PatriotsN/AThe Patriots are one of the two biggest risers jumping up 14 spots in the rankings. This has nothing to do with the roster and every thing to do with the user.
8 (22) Pittsburgh SteelersN/AAnd the Other biggest riser also jumping up the ranks is our boy Steele. Same story as the Pats here, based more on user than roster.
9 (9) Chicago BearsN/AThe Bears are the first team to stay put from their previous spot. Will they rise to the top or be destined to fall? We will find out shortly after 2k drops in September
10 (12) Dallas CowboysN/ASlim and the Boys drop two spots here. Slim is a good player but his fall in the rankings is more so to do with the absolutely stacked top 9
11 (24) New York JetsN/ATroy and the Jets check in at 11 rising a solid 13 spots in the rankings. With a stacked AFC and Davey in division, we will see if he can climb any higher than this throughout the year.
12 (8) Arizona CardinalsN/AThe Cardinals drop 4 spots after landing Seran as their user, that’s right Seran, get boxed in a code. Just playing Seran Calm down. This team was projected to go to pest/Danny so they fell a little but not much because Seran can play
13 (20) Seattle SeahawksN/ABoom takes the top heavy Seahawks and helps them jump 7 spots in the power rankings. With a NFC that isn’t quiet as top heavy as the AFC, don’t be surprised if the Hawks are steady risers in the rankings
14 (11) Philadelphia EaglesN/ADonny proved last year he can be a force in the NFC East. He Lands at 14 in the preseason power rankings right behind tier 1 and in front of some good users with questionable teams
15 (31) Cincinnati BengalsN/ASpeaking of good users with questionable teams…P-Town lands at 16 with the Bengals. This is a self declared “good team”. Pt-town will have to prove it before rising much above 16 in a stacked AFC.
16 (10) Los Angeles RamsN/AThe resident Brit checks in at 16, down 6 spots from the pre-team selection rankings. With two fellow NFC West chaps in the top 15 it may be hard for Ross to elevate the Los Angeles Rams past 16
17 (16) San Francisco 49ersN/AAnd our last member of the NFC West lands at 17 down one spot. For all the talk of how stacked the AFC is, The NFCW could turn out to be one of the more balanced divisions this cycle.
18 (1) Cleveland BrownsN/AThe slide stops for our main man Shrimp after 17 spots from the initial ranks. With loaded with top end users such as P-Town, Steele and P-town in division it will be hard for even the best roster to land much higher.
19 (7) Carolina PanthersN/AThe Woat-olina Panthers land at 19. Having to play Danny two times a year didn’t help Woat’s initial rankings. This team has the potential to fall even further if ALLEN proves he can ball.
20 (26) Washington RedskinsN/AGridiron has his work cut out for him. Not only does he have a roster with some glaring holes, he faces two of the best stock rosters in the cowboys and eagles twice a year.
21 (15) Buffalo BillsN/ACory who self admittedly is in the bottom half of users earns the respect of the people by staying true to Buffalo despite having a top 6 pick for teams. Unfortunately that combined with having  Davey and Troy in division lands him in the bottom half of the power rankings
22 (32) Miami DolphinsN/AKyle gets the highly sought after Dolphins and raises them 10 spots in the rankings based on his reputation alone. After a year hiatus he will have to win some games to keep the dolphins climbing up the rankings
23 (23) New York GiantsN/ABlue and the Giants remain stagnant in the power rankings at 23. With an aging Eli and a rookie qb it could get a lot worse before it gets better
24 (13) Oakland RaidersN/ADerek and the Raiders have some talented rookies but we will have to see if he can string together some victories with the squad before he brings them out of the bottom 10.
25 (28) Tampa Bay BuccaneersN/AFlex stays relatively low with his team and will have to earn his way up the PW board each week.
26 (29) Minnesota VikingsN/AArlen with a slight boost but concerns over the Vikings as a team leaves them in question. Fortunately 2 top 10 WRs gives Arlen big time firepower.
27 (19) Indianapolis ColtsN/AIsaisas drops down 8 spots which is disrespectful, can Isaisas take this semi rebuild of a team and make them competitive season 1?
28 (25) Tennessee TitansN/AKMCD stays towards the back end of the PW and won’t find himself moving up until he shows that the Titans can play well.
29 (27) Denver BroncosN/A Gmoney had the last pick of the team draft but finds himself 29th here, that’s considered a win, right?
30 (17) Atlanta FalconsN/AA huge drop down 13 spots, Allen being the newcomer needs to earn his stripes before he is given respect.
31 (18) Jacksonville JaguarsN/A Lance is a great guy but comes in at 31 this week. Defensively the Jags can ball out but with minimal offensive threats how will points be generated?
32 (30) Detroit LionsN/ABad team, last ranking. Let’s see what you got.

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