TOP Madden Team Reveal Quick Hits:

AFC East:
Miami Dolphins: Kyle- Heck Miami. A complete rebuild with a few budding stars in the secondary.
New York Jets: Troy- The Steelers fan in Troy can’t stop chasing Leveon Bell.
Buffalo Bills: Cory- MVP of CMs for taking this mess.
New England Patriots: Davey- With the first pick in the 2020 NFL draft, Davey selects quarterback…

AFC North:
Baltimore Ravens: Jordan- Dangerous team, hopefully contains work on defense.
Cleveland Browns: Shrimp- OP team gets stuck in the death division of users.
Cincinnati Bengals: Ptown- Bengals aren’t as good as Ptown thinks, no one trade him a QB.
Pittsburgh Steelers: Steele- Ultimate big brother move taking this team so Blue can’t get them. Love to see it.

AFC South:
Jacksonville Jaguars: Lance- Good fit for a good guy. Top defense will keep games close.
Tennessee Titans: KMCD- I dunno, bottom 10 team?
Indinanpolis Colts: Isaias- Young rebuilding team on the verge of being a force.
Houston Texans: Fin- Hopkins AGG catch + Will Fuller on slot fade=profit

AFC West:
Denver Broncos: Gmoney- Drew Locked and loaded for this season 
Kansas City Chiefs: Warren- All runningbacks immediately request a trade
Oakland Raiders: Derek- Same anime profile pic, same team results.
LA Chargers: Ty- Sneaky potential SB contender. This team is loaded.

NFC East:
Washington Redskins: Grid- Maybe a year or two away from having success with this squad.
Dallas Cowboys: Slim- Under the radar user, potential NFC superbowl representative.
Philadelphia Eagles: Donny- Same team as last year, same 11-5 seasons.
New York Giants: Blue- Pro tip, schedule to play after 8pm when Blue is tucked in for bed.

NFC North:
Minnesota Vikings: Arlen- Wrs OP, this division is going to be tough.
Chicago Bears: Willie- S1/S2 Willie is not S3/S4 Willie. Discourage him to go to NBA2K20 early.
Detroit Lions: Tony- Needs to put GM cap on and make this team competitive.
Green Bay Packers: Pest- Good offense, potential of a great defense.

NFC South:
Atlanta Falcons: Allen- Sleeper for division winner.
N.O. Saints: Danny- Tough out for anyone playing Danny, Kamara MVP favorite S1.
Carolina Panthers: Woat- If there ever was a time for Woat to break out it’s with this juggernaut of an offense.
Tampa Bay Bucs: Flex- Bruce Arians is Tampa’s coach. Flex loves 4 verts, coincidence?

NFC West:
Seattle Seahawks: Boom- Tricky team, could be good or Boom could get bored 3 games in and suck.
SF 49ers: Mindfire- Wildcard type team who will constantly be in the hunt each season.
Arizona Cardinals: Seran- AIR RAID. What defense?
LA Rams: Nano-

Divisions ranked in most competitive to least competitive:

AFC North
NFC North
NFC West
AFC West
NFC East
AFC East
NFC South
AFC South

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