Team selection is a mere two weeks away and everyone is getting antsy. While everyone may have a target madden team in mind, there is an itching in the back of your mind to take your favorite team if they were available to you. So lets go user by user and see if theres a chance that team falls to them, and if it does…..what would it take for them to pick their squad.

1 – Shrimp, Browns

Well this one is easy. Shrimp finally gets his Browns and theres way in hell he isn’t taking this absolutely loaded roster.

What would it take? Probably years of complaining and a make-a-wish package.

2 – Danny, Lions

Theres zero doubt the Lions will be there, but if the rookie ratings are any indication theres a slim to zero chance that Danny wears Honolulu Blue this season.

What would it take? A preseason trade that blew the doors off the whole league. Seeing how there aren’t any hold out players like Khalil it seems like a fat chance that actually occurs.

3 – Ty., Eagles

I’d wager theres a 50/50 chance Ty takes Philly this season. He had a year to step away from the monotony of being the same team every year, the rookies have solid ratings, and Fletcher Cox is an absolute animal. While there are better rosters out there, the Eagles are sure en-ty-cing .

What would it take? Carson Wentz SS dev trait

4 – WOAT, Broncos

I could’ve seen Woat in Denver easily two days ago. Seriously, Von/Chubb, back to back solid drafts, Noah Fant cheese? So what happened? Drew Lock has 88 throw power is what happened. The most crucial part of the Broncos as a madden team is the rebuild ability, and if Drew Lock isn’t a franchise guy then that is wasted money. That being said, I’d say Woat still may feel the calling home to Denver.

What would it take? Drew Lock and/or Phillip Lindsay dev trait.

5 – Pest, Jets

I’ll be honest, if there ever was a time for Pest to take the Jets, this is that year. An offense he is more than capable of using and a flat out fast defense. With his draft prowess he could absolutely fill the holes they have and that division is his for the taking the entire cycle. All this, and we haven’t even mentioned their insanely fly new jerseys. Pest has mentioned that theres a team he hasn’t mentioned that he has his eye on, but I’d be lying if I said I thought it was the Jets. Slim chance Pest is in New York.

What would it take? Give that boy Quinnen X-Factor and a drunk double dog dare to take the Jets.

6 – Cory, Bills

Most likely of the CM group to take his favorite team. If you are going to struggle in a game, might as well do it with your boys.

What would it take? Nothing, literally nothing.

7 – Warren, Steelers

The Steelers have been absolutely blessed this Madden season. Juju is X-factor for reasons no one really knows (no hate JuJu you just aren’t there yet) and Ben is loaded with traits that just make a super pass heavy Warren’s life that much easier. Rookie ratings drop that Devin Bush is 91 speed and I think that all but guarantees Warren takes Pittsburgh.

8 – Slim, Falcons

per Donny, Slim is a die hard Falcons fan. A Roddy White truther and with the 8th pick, why the fuck not? It’s an easy pick and I don’t think anyone in the top 7 has Atlanta on their mind.

9 – Davey, Patriots

This is why I felt like a good amount of good madden teams would drop to the 20s of team selection. Thats 4 straight guys that very realistically will take their favorite team. Davey’s recent chat smokescreen is as useful as the non-34 formations in his playbook. Davey is taking Pats.

10 – Fin, Lions

Seeing how I’m Lions in my ps4 league, very small chance but lets pretend it didn’t exist. They will be there at 10 but theres nothing truly promising about this team.

What would it take? TJ Hockenson and Kerryon Johnson dev traits and me getting kicked from my PS4 League in the next 12 days.

11 – Seran, Cowboys

The Cowboys are a solid team. But I think Seran leans towards Seattle here. With DK being so talented, his man crush on Tyler Lockett, and Dak Prescott probably wanting a pay day (which Seran has already trialed 15 times in the beta and knows the average asking cost) its obvious that Seattle is the better team.

What would it take? Seattle to be picked.

12 – Jordan, unknown

13 – Donny, Eagles

Unless Ty takes them, the Eagles should fall happily in the loving arms of Donny. I really think that would be all it takes as the Eagles are a talented roster throughout and you’ll never have to worry about the QB position.

What would it take? Ty to be a bitch boy and take Chiefs.

14 – Ptown, Raiders

Ptown may have been in my DMs hyping AB up, but with a first rounder being spent on a 85 speed running back, I just don’t see how he can work with that with so many talented rosters available.

What would it take? Josh Jacobs to convince EA to upgrade his speed rating.

15 – Tony, Lions

Tony isn’t really invested in rebuilding. In fact, I don’t know what Tony is really invested in at all in terms of madden. A once super active member of the league has kind of dissolved into a show up and play kind of guy. I say, no chance he takes Lions.

What would it take? Him being kicked from league, brought back in but given pick 32.

16 – TheMr.Lance, Seahawks

Lance loves Seattle but I feel he wouldn’t take Seattle because he doesn’t want to see his team play bad. Plus Pest will probably take a QB driven team this year so theres no viable trade options for Russell. No chance Lance takes Seattle.

What would it take? Seattle trades for Devante Parker

17 – Nano, Steelers

Nano was Steelers last season and he is known to move around teams quite a bit. Though, a two X-factor offense at pick 17 might be too good to pass up.

What would it take? Warren to take another team, Nano’s top 5 to be gone.

18 – Mindfire, Dolphins


What would it take? HA!

19 – Willie, Bears

With Mindfire right in front of him, the expertsniper might snipe the Bears defense from Willie’s grasp. But if they drop, Willie has his eyes set for the Bears.

20 – Isais, Bears

Sorry pal, you were one pick short.

What would it take? $100K, a hitman, and a picture of Lil Nas X

21 – Arlen, Dolphins


What would it take? HA!

22 – Steele, Bills

Something tells me that even if they were available at 22, Steele wouldn’t take the Bills. He needs to come in an win a Super Bowl this madden to match the hype set for him by Jordan Crew, and dominating Davey gets old.

What would it take? Davey to not be Pats, Pest to be Jets.

23 – Grid, Packers

After unsuccessful lobbying attempts to get Ohio State into Face of the Franchise, Grid would strike gold with getting the loaded Packers team here. Easy decision.

24 – Troy , Steelers

With no AB and no Juice, theres no Troy in Pittsburgh, even if they dropped. Troy at this point is guessing which division I’m in so he can talk to my face about how much he enjoys playing me and then double cross and shit talk me in chat.

What would it take? Fin as the Ravens

25 – Boom, Ravens

Boom would bust a nut if the Ravens were at 25. Easily takes the cheese to the bank, but probably would over pay on the cheese tax and take a fat suspension.

26 – KMcD, Unknown

27 – Blue, Steelers

Fuck this is getting repetitive. Obviously Blue takes the Steelers. Dude has been watching AB play since he was a toddler.

28 – Derek, Ravens

read boom, same thing, less suspensions.

29 – Flex, Packers

No chance he ends up as packers, I’m just a little lost on how a guy from California becomes a Packers fan. (Note: he isn’t a Cal fan).

30 – Kyle, Ravens

read derek and boom, but with less suspensions and more base 3-4.

31 – Allen B, Dolphins

Allen is the only person, and I mean the only person, who would take the Dolphins on purpose. Word is he is trying to subliminally convince Dez Bryant that Josh Rosen is the future.

32 – GMoney, Unknown.

By Fin

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