So you’ve decided to make a trade. Here’s a simple guide of how to go about submitting your trade to trade committee:

Do: Send all player’s Daddyleagues pages with the trade DM.
Don’t: Be Bongy (see below)

Do: Be patient and wait to be contacted back
Don’t: Ask each member in TC to vote on your trade by tagging them in gen chat or DM

Do: Clearly put each piece of the trade broken out by team
Don’t: Rationalize your trade in the same DM you submit the trade in. If you have to explain why its a good trade its not a good trade

Do: Specify which team’s draft picks are being traded, and if it is after the super bowl and before the draft also include the pick’s position
Don’t: Be vague on purpose so you can try to trade for the other person’s higher pick by complaining that it was never established which pick was traded

Do: Keep track of your own impact pieces
Don’t: Submit a trade and nag TC about it only to find out you can’t even trade your player (ptown)

Do: Be happy when you get a trade passed
Don’t: Get all pissy and annoyed if your trade gets denied

Do: Announce your trade if it hasn’t already
Don’t: Complain about trades being unbalanced when you see them announced

Do: Have fun negotiating and trading for your favorite players
Don’t: Trade with Pest

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