With the introduction of the X-Factor and Superstar abilities, the Top Madden CM team is expecting many of their previous policies to be challenged. What they didn’t expect to have to address was the Tight End playing Receiver rule.

For years, tight ends were banned from playing in receiver slots to combat run blocking advantages and truly the game not informing the defensive user of the actual personnel on the field. But now, this rule has been called to the stand with a recent development.

Zach Ertz, tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles has a tight end apprentice super star trait that allows him to have 4 extra hot routes when lined up at tight end. This is expected and helps raise his value on game day. However, 49ers star tight end George Kittle has a superstar trait that allows him 4 extra hot routes but it says explicitly when he is lined up as a receiver. Does this include tight end formations where he is split off the line? Or does Kittle have to be manually moved to receiver positions in order to use this trait?

Expect this to be one of the many things the Top Madden CMs investigate when EA access drops late July for Madden 20.

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