5) Phillip Rivers – Chargers – Fin

After his 2018 campaign where Phillip Rivers finished just outside the top 10 fantasy quarterbacks, Rivers makes the leap to fantasy glory in his 2019 season. With the route running abilities of Keenan Allen, the sheer size of 6’5” Mike Williams, and the return of Hunter Henry from Injury, Rivers certainly has the weapons available to him to make the leap. With the addition of young offensive minded coach Finloctopus, even at 37 years young we expect OI’ Man Rivers to post massive fantasy numbers this year.

4) Carson Wentz – Eagles – Ty

We all remember the 2017 season where Carson Wentz took the league and Fantasy world by storm ranking 5th in fantasy points and 2nd in points per game. After an injury plagued 2018 season, Carson Wentz is ready to return to MVP form. The addition of RB Miles Sanders will only go to help Wentz as Sanders has pass catching abilities that Philly hasn’t seen since Shady McCoy was actually good. With Alshon Jeffery, Zach Ertz (check out wife, Julie’s sick world cup header), Dallas Goedert all playing well above the rim, and Desean to take the top off, expect big things from Wentz.

3) Mitchell Trubisky – Bears – Warren

Trubisky showed massive amounts of improvement in his sophomore season and we at TMFN (Top Madden Fantasy Network) expect that trend to continue in 2019. Trubisky increased his passer rating by a massive 20 points last year and more than tripled his Touchdown total from his rookie season. Facing the 4th easiest schedule for Fantasy Signal callers and underrated scrambling ability (check out this play from week 7 against the Patriots) expect Trub-Dawg to post his first top 5 fantasy finish of his career.

2) Marcus Mariota – Titans – Willie

Okay Okay… I know what you’re thinking Marcus Mariota as the #2 Fantasy Quarterback?! What are you on drugs?!…. Yes, and No Comment. Maybe I should have put Mariota as a sleeper or a breakout (can someone be a breakout in year 5?) but I am all In on Mariota this year. Offensive Mastermind, Coach Willie Beaman has landed with the ever-struggling Mariota led Titans team. Keep in mind, this is the same Willie B. who lead Lamar Jackson to an MVP season his rookie year. The Same Willlie B who called the plays for the magical 2018 season when Lamar Jackson rushed for 85+ Yards in 13 out of 16 games. As long as the QB literally doesn’t have cement blocks for feet we can expect lots of this from Coach Willie B, which we all know is a fantasy cheat code

1) Kyler Murray – Cardinals – Pest

A rookie as the #1 Fantasy quarterback this year? Yes. Don’t give me that side eye, we all know this isn’t the real NFL this is a Madden League where even the impossible is possible (See write-up for Marcus Mariota). The #1 overall draft pick lands with the quarterback guru Chris “Pest” Vitulli deemed the next Kliff McVay by NFL Insiders. Pest is no stranger to leading rookies, just one cycle ago he drafted 6th round rated Tavadis Shorts III 2nd overall and coached him to league MVP. Murray will take the helm with wheels like TS3 and the Accuracy to put Shorts to shame. Murray has all the hype and we at TMFN believe he WILL live up to it, making him our clear-cut QB1.

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